Live for It

6 Sep

I love sitting back and watching. It’s become so predictable. Amber Heard is off the radar and before long (she can’t go more than 4 weeks) she’ll plan some kind of outing or get with her friends and post pictures on instagram or get the paps to come and photograph her. If she has an outing with Depp, that will give her a fix she needs. Then if a few weeks go by and he’s not out and about she has to do something to get a picture out to the public. LOL

Sad really, but very funny. She made comments about loving her relationship with Johnny Depp because they both understood they couldn’t always be around one another yet she does everything in her power to make sure they are always around one another. From filming to travel. Transparent.

No really though, I love to see that she can’t stay put until her next “Look at me event” with Johnny Depp. He isn’t always out and around, and because of that she starts to have withdrawals from lack of attention and has to plant photos of herself with friends on instagram etc.

Ahhh… to be young, greedy, attention seeking, and boring.

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