Amber Heard Pregnant

16 Aug

Why does the media keep rehashing this? Why do they want her to be pregnant so bad? sell some copies or slow news day. Has to be slow news day because she doesn’t, still doesn’t have enough IT factor to sell copies. I guess they want to cinch Johnny Depp’s less than tarnished reputation even further. He’s already a laughing stock for dating a girl that has been caught in lies, and is trying anything she can to become a household name ( still hasn’t happened yet ) I suppose the fact that she’s not going to be true to him is not something he worries about, but pregnant? Oh Depp, you’re sunk if that happens. LOL

………or maybe you just like leading women into a relationship and if they WANT kids you’ll father them. That way you can walk out a little later but it least it looked legit because you had kids with someone.

Keep making movies and don’t retire, this girl will take you to the bank.

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