Amber Heard NOT planning wedding

3 Aug

So HH’s minions tried to say that she was photographed out and about probably making wedding arrangements. I got an email from one of our old members. The Member and she gave us the low down on what was really going on.

HH was pictured out and about with some guy.

No one knew where it was except close to Koreatown in Los Angeles.

Our member informed us that she was out looking for a new apartment to lease. About $1600.00 a month, 1000 square feet. (again proving she isn’t living with Johnny Depp) but further this member gave us the address. 725 S. Spring Street Los Angles. I cross referenced this and did a google map search with live street view and no shit. Its true. I took a look and the red doors that HH and this man(real estate person) is coming out of match perfectly.

Here is the photo of them coming out the door

and if you want to see it on google search maps, go to google, maps, type in 725 s spring street and look for the doors. They will look like the following screen cap I took.

(oh and if you look across the street you’ll find the red brick building with green windows that HH and this guy walked by.


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