Russians Who Hate Heard

8 Jul

Big Surprise. Big. Most of Amber Heard’s fan base is in Russia. She has a few fans there, and they have been the ones that seem to “get the new photos” of Amber the fastest, they are always the ones that photos get sent to, photos taken in the USA – yet Russian sites are the first ones to get them and post them up.

Yet apparently there is a new website of Russians who detest Amber Heard. This was a great find and welcomed. Just to know that the very place that seems to give her a lot of attention from “loyal” fans, there are many, and I say again many from Russian who do NOT like her at all. I’d like to extend an invitation to those at the new VK anti amber heard website to join us at ink and rage forum. Please register and after you register send me an email letting me know what username you registered with. Would love to see you at our forum.

1. Register

2. Send me an email with the username you registered with

Look forward to uniting and conversing with each of you!

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