Todays Word

26 Jun


have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved.
“dismissing the work as pompous and overrated”

synonyms: overestimate, overvalue, think too much of, attach too much importance to, praise too highly

Ever notice that most people who love Amber Heard haven’t spent much time reading her interviews or really trying to find out anything more about her? They see a few photos and may watch a youtube video and thus, base their opinion off of those things. Try doing some research and really reading. You’ll be surprised to see how much she contradicts herself, and how arrogant she is. It’s extremely lame how easy it is to find out. I usually like a challenge and Amber Heard does not provide one.

On top of that, she has nothing about her that is unique. Nothing more than any other actress in Hollywood. Her tastes, likes and dislikes, hobbies etc are nothing that scream, “hey that’s different, unique, and interesting.”

No, she’s pretty run of the mill, and it doesn’t take long reading before you find out what she thinks of herself, not a humble person by any means. She’s actually boring. Copy and paste. Can’t act, and really the only thing she had left in order to TRY and see If she could become known was to date Johnny Depp.

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