Looks Trashy

20 Jun

Latest out is that Amber Heard was seen in a satin black dress, while Ellen Von Unwerth, photographer, was snapping pictures of her out in public (ellen is the one that did the girl on girl video of Amber, and the S&M feel photos)

anyway I need to point out the obvious. So let’s get to it. I slept in today and this lying news made me cranky after I woke up.

From the DAILY MAIL:

Amber Heard donned a stunning black satin dress as she left her hotel in New York’s Bowery district closely followed by celebrity photographer Ellen Von Unwerth on Thursday evening.

Hardly stunning. I’ll provide pictures. The accessories she put with it(jewelry) looked awful with the dress. Kinda like that red satin sack she wore in London…someone needs to tell her that she shouldn’t wear satin. Just let the satin live without you. Don’t kill it.

One caption under a photo at Daily mail said Amber looked camera shy. SHE WISHES. That home wrecker is not shy in any sense of the word. Please. “Take my photo!” has been her motto.

She also had on granny shoes with the dress. Maybe this was after some glamorous photo shoot and Amber was leaving? Is that what you said? Yeah then she should have been in casual clothes when she left. She appearing more and more tacky/trashy. I can’t get over how nasty she is, especially as of late. Not just arrogant, but now she is getting truly “skanky” – maybe that’s the new look or trend coming out. Like grunge only “skank”

Earlier in the day when Amber arrived to her hotel, she was wearing an ac/dc shirt.

NO NO NO she still isn’t fooling anyone! Since when did she don old rock band t-shirts????? That’s right
SINCE JOHNNY DEPP. She never did it before. She’s just trying to fit in. Probably told him she’s loved the band for a long time. Right. We get it, she does things to make Depp think she’s special.

Anyway she looked awful. Both before, and after the dress. Can she maybe wear a size larger jeans? Her vagina is probably yeasty and burning from a current U.T.I. infection. Nasty.

She’s just so damn gross. Erectile dysfunction. Us men have it when looking at this hooker.


“I have monostat in my purse it’s okay, but I’ve had this tshirt for like EV ERRRR”

Go home Amber, you’re skanky.

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