The A. Diaries Have Wrapped

19 Jun

Now remember, Amber Heard stated that she and Depp made a good pair because it was hard to find someone who understood what living out of a suitcase was like, and hard in any relationship when you can’t be around each other, so they were both perfect for each other because they both know how to deal with that.

SO far it seems her way of dealing with I, is to make sure every second she has of free time, she’s with him. Wait, she’s with him even when filming. We’ve all see the pictures during his filming of Black Mass, and her filming of the A. Diaries. She was suppose to do a movie called Autobahn but that required her to be in Germany. A. Diaries was just a few hours from Black Mass being filmed.

So much for being cool with having a relationship with someone who’s never around due to their career. OR maybe she knows that Johnny can’t be left alone too much – after all I’m sure she remembers how she met him on a movie set.

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