Laughing and calling it Overkill

3 Jun

Never have I seen Johnny Depp being used as a hanging post so much. What I mean by hanging post is this.

I’ve never seen a girl want (not need…wait) to get as many publicity shots as humanly possible to help her out. Recently we saw in an interview Amber Heard stated she hadn’t noticed any change in her career. That interview was done over a month ago and was just released. Then 20 people on the internet are bombarded with Amber Heard hugging and hanging, and trying to kiss Johnny Depp on the set of his film Black Mass.

The general consensus is that she’s boring, can’t act, and plain. She looks like everyone else in Hollywood and the only thing that gets her noticed is Johnny Depp. She’s constantly being referred to as Johnny Depp’s girlfriend. If Amber Heard goes to see a play without Johnny Depp (sleep no more) no one cares. They don’t send a slew of paparazzi to photograph her. That’s why she relys on grainy pictures of people who might recognize her and they place it on twitter or their instagram.

In saying this I realize that any publicity is good publicity. Even if you bitch about Amber Heard’s talentless waste of space taken up on a movie set. At some point she needs to wake up and realize that even though she’s had acting lessons and coaching it isn’t working. The only reason she even gets her photos taken when she’s filming? Johnny Depp. For someone that has stated “I only need myself” Her actions sure say something different.

People are already tired of her, and that has NOTHING to do with her affiliation and use of Johnny Depp. This is run of the course for all of his girlfriends. A few of the other girlfriends may have had talent, but most were known for being Johnny Depp’s girlfriend. Wake up Amber.

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