Amber Heard – Haughty, Pretentious, and Vain

28 May

Should we also include arrogant, nasty, cheap, and disgusting? Persons all over the internet are just plain tired of her. Sick of seeing her, getting even more nauseas when she opens her mouth.

Today we are going to focus on why people feel this way about her. Let’s see what Amber Heard is all about with or without Johnny Depp.

Amber recently did a photoshoot for W magazine. The photoshoot was less than appealing. Some photos showed her turned on her side, laying down, with her ass towards the camera in clothing that appeared to look more like streetwalker attire than anything elegant or edgy.

It’s a known fact that models air airbrushed and photoshopped and sometimes wear tons of make up for a photoshoot, but Amber Heard has to be contoured with make up to make it appear as if she has bone structure in her face. Even on the red carpet ( Met Gala etc) they basically place a ton of highlighting and contouring shading to give the appearance of cheekbones, and a slimmer face. (Amber Heard has a full cheek area – full face)

Regardless, even with the above known, it’s when she opens her mouth or at times her actions, those are the things most telling about Amber Heard.

In recent months, fans at forums and comments on various websites have been unforgiving. They compare Amber Heard to a horse. Her teeth are beaming white. Not just white and clean looking, but they have the appearance of chiclets. An over bleached, zoom whitening gone wrong. Her teeth have the appearance of horse teeth. I did laugh when first reading these comments, they reminded me of high school kids making fun of a person, then I paid attention to photos of her smiling when she was out, or during a photo shoot. My god, how much DOES she bleach them?

I’ve seen comparisons between her a photo of a horse showing it’s teeth and I realized why they were saying those things. She’s proud of her white teeth. For now, people are fairly sure they can be seen from outter space. I’m not being a bastard, and you’ll see why further in this post….

Let’s take a look. Let’s see just how Amber Heard is arrogant/vain, thinks highly of herself , and comes across as the very epitome of what men and women dislike.

In W magazine we read the following, things Amber Heard said:

Her appearance:

“As a woman, I usually have two options: Sex Object or the Best Friend Who Isn’t Sexy. It’s not creatively fulfilling to just be sexy. I did nothing to look the way I look. The genetic cards that anyone is dealt are not in their control, so to take pride in my looks would be a mistake.”

She said she did nothing to look the way she looks. It’s very clear she feels as though she is above average in looks, she feels she’s beautiful. Thus she has said in other interviews that she can’t get good acting parts because she’s too pretty. Yes she has said this. Go find Google and do a search of her interviews. If she did not take pride in her looks, she wouldn’t have used her looks to get out of Austin Texas, like she has said. She saw modeling as the ticket she needed to leave Texas. Her actions during her interviews also, very telling. She thinks highly of her looks and herself. To think you are beautiful is one thing, but to appear boastful about it, just shows how vain a person is. Not a winning trait for you, if you want to be successful and have true fans.

Rental Cars: She says lately she has to rent different cars every week so the paparazzi won’t know where she’s going or see her. Here is her quote:

“I do miss driving my Mustang,” she says. “I built it from scratch, and I love that car. But the photographers all know the Mustang, and I hate being hassled. So it’s stuck in the garage.”

Well Amber, you wanted fame, so how does that feel? Don’t belly ache about it now.

Love life: She said her relationships have

“I’ve always had a love life that seemed particularly salacious to some people.”

Yes, yes they would, especially with how she came on the scene with her current relationship and I can’t say it’s not salacious. After all she’s said time and again she wants to be the next Angelina Jolie. Everyone is full aware of the fact that once she arrived on the scene, 14 years of steady relationship seemed to be flushed down the toilet. Again, she seems proud that this is something about her that is “different” from most people. She also added that since her latest relationship,

Let’s take a look at the WHOLE quote from above, “I’ve always had a love life that seemed….. and let’s see why she even mentioned that. It had to do with her career believe it or not.

I haven’t noticed any change in my career,” she says guardedly. “And, for better or worse, I’ve always had a love life that seemed particularly salacious to some people. Before, it was also seen as unconventional,” she adds, alluding to the fact that she had been romantically involved with women

Since she began her current relationship she hasn’t noticed any change in her career. GOOD, because you’re not suppose to have a change in career strictly from dating someone if you’re on the up and up and care about someone. Unless you’re using them.

She also stated that she has a little plan or way in which she finds out who she can and can’t trust. Here’s the quote. To suss out press leaks, she regularly slips different bits of false information to her friends. When one of her fake items appears in the tabloids, Heard knows whom she can’t trust.

At least we now have confirmation that this is a round about way of GETTING things out to the tabloids. Hey, it keeps her name out there. Without her leaking information true or false to people around her, we’d never hear anything about her. Which really makes it appear she likes attention and needs the publicity….. for her career.
She also states, “I might be blonde and wear lipstick, but I’m so happy to be strange.”

And it’s not a cool kind of strange, she’s just very transparent, and people can see that. They don’t like her, and a lot of that is due to her vanity. She mentions in the article that she can’t sing, and

“And in truth, I have no natural gift or knack for singing. Generally, when a person has no talent for something, they don’t pursue it. So I’m either brave or stupid.”

I think perhaps she should realize that acting falls into this area too. Countless times she falls short on delivering lines, can’t find her footing, and isn’t a good actress. It’s embarrassing to watch her “perform” that’s not just my opinion, find the comments from various people around the globe at forums and comment sections of articles. They feel the same.

Oh and one last thing. Those comments for months now from people comparing Amber Heard to a horse. Mean isn’t it? Or at least childish you say? What if her actions about looking like a horse showed vanity, and ego? What if her words and the way she acted about looking like a horse showed she was even more vain than previously thought? LOL It could happen, you might be surprised…..

“Don’t you think she looks like me?” Amber Heard asks as she pets her horse, Arrow. Heard, 28, is wearing mud-caked riding boots, tight blue jeans, a white undershirt, and thin mesh gloves that partially cover her red-lacquered nails; she puts her face next to the horse’s long tan-colored muzzle and coyly flips her ponytail. In fact, they do look alike: both lanky, pale, and blonde. Arrow nuzzles Heard, hoping for something to eat. “So like me,” Heard continues, reaching down into a pail filled with horse snacks. She feeds Arrow an apple. “She’ll love you forever if you give her a treat.”

What is treat code for Amber? Attention, Career boost, several rings, and boyfriend airlines?


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