22 May

Amber Heard just stated in an interview that her photo shoots and modeling is the polar opposite of her real self. Nothing like her real self, yet in this photo shoot for Aleim Magazine you can hear what she says and she contradicts her last interview saying she isn’t like what you see in the photo shoots.

Oh this is priceless.

This is what you can hear her say.

She’s drinking water when sitting down and asked the girl “Do you mind?” (to take the water away)

Photographer says while talking about Wal J’s hair, “covering them ( her boobs), If I needed to show a boob I’m going to get them naked, not a partial.”

wal j says: ” That’s how I rule my social life, you just go all at it. If you’re gonna get naked, you’d better fucking get naked.” … 7d7438258d

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