Johnny Attends Queen of the Night

15 May

Queen of the Night (QOTN) NYC. May 7th, 2014 Johnny Depp attends the show. Amber Heard is rumored to be with him, but there are no photos of Amber with him. Only one lone picture of him surfaced and it wasn’t even a photo he posed for.

So what is QOTN about? Here are some reviews from people who have seen it:

1. “Do keep an open mind. Do surrender if you are in fact one of the lucky ones that get a private ‘session’ of some sort…

2.”Just go and leave all your inhibitions behind…

It’s not your typical New York experience, but you know it can only happen in NY.

Bring Purell, you’ll need it…

Really loved it!”

Photo from the event.

3. “Partway through the meal at Queen of the Night, a hunky performer who had just finished an astonishing series of leaps onstage approached my dinner table and looked around. It was like gym class all over again, only this time I was chosen. He motioned for me to follow him. When we reached a dim corridor, he took my glasses, started nuzzling my neck, and said, improbably, that I smelled like desire. What was the etiquette here? Should I have whispered, “Thanks, and you smell like an acrobat”? Should I have taken the opportunity to compensate for nineteen years of monogamy by nuzzling back? Or complained that another audience member had recently come to my table and stolen a lobster?”

4. “On a recent Wednesday night, a long line of hungry people formed outside the Paramount Hotel on 46th Street. “The three people that come up and describe the best sexual fantasy will be let in first,” the doorman tells the crowd. To those who approach him and reveal their deepest desires, he replies, “I think we can handle that for you.”

5. ” Heads up: you may see people with a tiny jewel on them — that’s “the sign of The Queen”, and it signifies that they’ve had a private show with a cast member in one of the small rooms hidden off of the main ballroom. For instance, they might lead you into a tiny freezer-like room

6.” Each table gets one of the three meal options: lobster, beef, or pig. Everyone is encouraged to mingle (read: make out) and trade food (read: um, trade food) and, as the wine flows freely, that’s exactly what happens.

Now here’s the thing Amber Heard had already been to see the show once before May 7th. She attended it with some of her friends around April 15th, 2014.

If readers will remember back when Amber Heard was see at the AV nightclub with Johnny in 2012, I found out that the evening they were in attendence was a night where women were dressed skimpy and doing lots of pole dancing. Pictures from that night were including with my post. This seems to be something Amber Heard loves.

A review of the show: “The music is loud and pulsing. The mood, as guests continue to file in, grows increasingly voyeuristic.

Somewhat disoriented, you stumble to a far corner of the theater, still clutching your cocktail, and into a smaller room. Another black-and-white-clad man grabs you by the shoulders and gently positions you facing a table. As two women snap plastic over it, a topless girl does a handstand, then two minions position a large black egg between her legs. As the spectators lining the room gaze in horror and fascination, she brings her legs swiftly together and the egg’s copious contents runs out between then.
Queen of the Night, a kinky dinner-kidnapping theater inspired by Mozart’s final opera.

It involves a very dark debutante ball. And the world’s foremost (also: only) French S&M German-wheel performer. And some Tony winners. And a guy who can literally jump to the ceiling.

You’ll be chatting up a date, and then you’ll be gone. Trust us—this is going to go well (read: morally questionably) for you.”

Leads one to question the rumors that Amber is allowed a little sexual freedom, and maybe looking at the evidence it’s more than just a rumor. It may be the truth.

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