Transcendence Review

29 Apr

Going in with an open mind allowed me to be unmoved by the words Sci-Fi or the fact that many critics have said it sucks in the sci-fi genre of movies. More appropriately if one was to go into the movie theater with the knowledge of the film being a love story that revolves around technology and the dangers of it, I’m sure it would have gotten better reviews, a better turn out, and understood much better before anyone bought a ticket to see it. Including critics.

It wasn’t hard to follow. Critics have said the characters lacked depth, and I find that statement to be untrue. Rebecca Hall did a fantastic job, as did Paul Bettany. Depp did superb in keeping the audience guessing, and leading down a path only to find a twist at the end that could leave audience members tearful. The movie wasn’t as much of a sci-fi thriller as it was a film to make us think. It’s not so much about power getting out of control. Rather, it makes us think deeply on things that are important to us. What would we do for love, and are we really aware of how technology can harm.

This film ends with, from my view point, with a powerful yet quiet punch to the gut. What we have and need is right in front of us all along. Something has to be said for losing touch with reality and letting things that can not convey emotion take over. We have become slaves to convenience, and in a simple click we are linked to millions of things all over the world. Yet the internet has no emotion. Machines lack emotion. Humans have always had emotion we are able to convey emotion, one of these are love. Is it possible that in the future that love will endure? Will love outweigh any unemotional thing we can create no matter how awesome or miraculous it may be, or will we as humans choose love over everything else?

Your choice.

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