Fans are Getting ill, turning

3 Apr

Well, some of them are. Everyone knows Johnny Depp has millions of fans, but there seem to be many of them online who are disgusted and just plain sick over how he’s completely changed since Amber Heard has entered the picture. They are all for him being happy, but it seems he’s went from a good family man, to a total sell out. Typical middle aged man. One who needs a young thing on his arm to make him feel alive again, which is what he said at his engagement party. He stated that Amber made him feel alive again. That’s code for, “Young again”

Fans are extremely disappointed. Maybe not all of them, but he’s not gaining any points. Let’s see how his movie Transcendence does. The numbers (what the movie makes/grosses) will tell us a lot about how fans are feeling about the “NEW Johnny Depp”

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