Will They Marry?

29 Mar

Amber Heard said not long ago in an article that she didn’t want to be forced into a wedding dress and that traditional things made her uncomfortable, but she’s not having a problem flaunting all the engagement rings she has.

Newest gossip states she felt pressured into accepting a proposal. Why? Is her friends and family making her feel the pressure because Johnny would be a good catch? Does she feel pressure to cinch the deal because it brings more recognition to her name? Maybe. Maybe those are reasons and somewhere deep inside she wants to be free and not tied down. She did state that even gay marriage was something she thought and felt should be allowed but for other people, not for her.

Why the change of heart now? Or has it really changed? Will she go through with it? Maybe and how long will it last before she realized that indeed she didn’t like traditional things and being forced into a wedding dress.

“I would always prefer to shoot the gun than wear a wedding dress,” Heard said at a Beverly Hills press conference to trump the film, in which she plays a spy – opposite Kevin Costner – who’s got her fair share of trigger-happy predilections.

“It is far more interesting to me,” she explained.

and there’s more anti marriage quotes from Heard but I’ve posted them before and it gets rather boring.

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