Johnny’s Being a Bastard

23 Mar

So Johnny and Amber arrive at their hotel in NYC. Jerry his bodyguard is with them, there are photographers and one in particular was taking a photo and Jerry had to make him move back. He wasn’t paying attention to Jerry and thus Jerry physically touched him to make him move, and once the photographer was touched he said, “Oh Sorry” and moved, poor dude, he accidentally hit Jerry’s left arm as he was moving, and Jerry rushed him. The guy kept saying “Sorry Sorry” over and over again and finally had enough and said “Don’t FU**ing Touch me, you FU**ing Dickhead!” Which Johnny Depp, who is known for his honorable and clean language told him, “Watch your language man.” Yes Johnny Depp who has never dropped the F bomb reprimanded the guy. And his voice sounded as if he was intoxicated or on something, I have no idea but it’s clearly obvious.

I’d laugh if It were really a joke, but it’s not.

ALSO, This statement coming from a man, whose girlfriend was on Chelsea Lately and dropped the F bomb which was bleeped out.

Advice: Johnny, you made the mess, deal with it and practice what you preach. Fucking Lame. Epically lame.

Video of the ordeal below:


Johnny cussing read before the video below it, that shows johnny’s reprimand.

Though barely any of Depp’s teen magazine-reading fans ever saw the movie, the right people obviously got the joke because that same year (1990) Depp was cast in the highly sought-after role of Edward Scissorhands. “I didn’t even want to meet Tim Burton [who was just coming off Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Beetlejuice],” Depp recalls. “I wanted to but I thought it was pointless. Tracy [Jacobs, Depp’s agent] forced me to. I just said, ‘No way, it’s embarrassing.’ You know, something you want so badly and he’s never gonna see me as that, never. He’s gonna think, ‘Aaw, fuckin’ TV actor shit.’ Everybody wanted that fuckin’ role, so I just thought, ‘Hell, why would he give it to me?'”

I went to set, and I’m thinking, ‘Fuck, this is the last time I’m gonna see this guy,’ you kow, this is it, this is the last time. It was like saying goodbye. It fuckin’ made me cry, it was weird, it was bizarre. I really, really, really miss him.”

Did you know there’s a porno called Edward Penishands?
“Yeah, I’ve seen it,” Depp says. “It’s great, it’s really funny. It’s the same deal, y’know, Edward, the fuckin’ hair and everything, and the suit, the black thing, but instead of scissors for hands, he’s got these massive fuckin’ penises, just huge dicks on each hand–huge, though. He’s real timid and all that stuff, and girls come to him and really like him a lot, and, y’know, he can fuck three women–he’s got one here, one here, and then he’s got his own.”

Watch Amber drop the F bomb. watch from 35 seconds in

and the reprimand

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