Johnny’s Fans on Amber Heard

19 Mar


The fans have spoken. Following a recent poll in the IBTimes article “Johnny Depp Warned By Angelina Jolie Not To Marry Amber Heard, Advised To Get A Prenup: Report,” in which we begged the question: “Is Amber Heard marrying Johnny Depp for the right reasons?” fans of the veteran actor have since stepped forward, accusing his fiancée of using Depp for her own personal gain with some even going so far as to call her a “gold digger.”

As of Wednesday morning, a whopping 73 percent (540 votes) agreed that Heard, 27, is just “using” the 50-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” film star. Only 27 percent (205 votes) participants voted in favor of the “3 Days to Kill” actress, claiming that they believe she “loves” Depp and is marrying him for all the right reasons.

“I think Depp is going through a mid-life crisis and that this union is doomed to fail,” said one fan, later adding, “Nothing good can come from this.” “The ONLY talent [Amber Heard] has is for f–king Johnny Depp,” said another colorful poll participant.


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