An Engagement Party

15 Mar

My oh my!

Rumors of an engagement party tonight! If its true we should see photos soon. Amber turd can’t seem to let one moment stay too private despite all the times recently saying her personal life is private. Usually at any private or semi-private event she makes sure photos are taken and amazingly her Russian fans always seem to have the exclusive. ( let’s not jump to conclusions, even though the private rooftop photos taken during the Lone Ranger tour in Moscow were placed on the Russian fan forum first)

Sources say the party was under a black tent with red velvet… From people online:

“After receiving black invitations with beautifully delicate writing that read “A & J,” guests – including Marilyn Manson and Jerry Bruckheimer – entered a large black tent with red velvet entryway welcoming them to a 1920s event space in downtown Los Angeles. ”

Sounds a little …. Different. I’m not sure most couples would want those colors, black and dark, with blood colored accents but hey I won’t mention how colors can jinx things. It does reveal even more about the bride to be. One who stated she was girlly and loved the color pink. Maybe this is just another way she’s ever so abruptly and quickly changed to Johnny’s more gothic tastes becoming her own.

Now, wait. How many has Johnny been engaged to? That’s right a few. How many have gotten this kind of engagement party? Hmmmm. Well then again the rest of them didn’t seem to be into women either. I’m surprised the colors weren’t rainbow, but why would it be, Amber already let downs the gay community. Lets be fair, she said she was bi-sexual. She also said…….she wanted to be a star, and she’s also changed her tastes among other things since she “got” Depp.

He’s certainly done a 180 and although some say, “maybe he’s finally found someone he’s willing to put a ring on.” Most fans can’t help but remember the words that have come straight from Depp’s mouth.

A woman who would steal your love when your love is all you really have isn’t much of a woman. -Johnny Depp

My father left and my mother was deeply hurt and sick physically and emotionally. That’s a very traumatic thing for a family to go through, so we all pulled together and did the best we could. – Johnny Depp

(About his early relationship) I don’t regret any of them. I had a good time. Most of what’s been written about me has been completely false. People have created an image that has absolutely nothing to do with me, and they have the power to sell it, to shove it down the throats of people. I’m an old-fashioned guy who wants marriage and kids. – Johnny Depp

Is this his way of saying we had him all wrong? He wasn’t the great family man we thought he was? He was more like a wmanizer and after he gets tired of the girl he moves on? Ohhhhhh Amber, maybe you should wake up too. He said he was an old fashioned guy, marriage, kids………he had that…….

I guess it wasn’t enough was it Johnny?



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