So Boring

7 Mar

After 11 years Amber Heard is still an up and coming, and Texas just gave her an award. Just did. After that many years. All it took was Amber dating Johnny Depp for them to notice. Thing is, no one really cares. Sad, but there it is. No one thinks she can act. Three days to kill, tanked. Yet again another movie she has been in that went -crash-

Let’s not even get into “how many engagement rings” she has because she’s been seen with three now. Who’s fooling who? Depp still doesn’t look happy to be around her. A faint smile before photo op time is all that was seen in Texas last night. Not only that, a comment was made that her speech for her award was only 16 seconds long, but at least she brought Depp with her. That tells me, that’s all they wanted anyway. Depp.

I guess Amber is alright with the fact that she’s only getting attention due to being around Depp. She’ll take her fame anyway she can get it. It’s not for being an artist or celebrity. It’s for being Depp’s girlfriend. That’s it.

Depp? Who cares. He’s made his fatal move. His choice. His nail in his own coffin. She’s just their to watch like Angelique should. Looks like she’s enjoying his fall.

The look of love…(now mind you there are photos of him smiling…while he’s looking at something else.)


P.S. Amber Heard is starting to look older than her age. She does not look like she’s in her twenties.

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