Amber Heards Secret.

28 Feb

Now I wonder how long I’m willing to sit and wait on this little tidbit…..

Not long. Before the latest news hit about Amber cheating in Johnny with her ex Tasya, I began to wonder just why Amber Heard goes to Melrose Trading so much. directly after the Lone Ranger tour she was spotted with Tasya there. Then after myself, and some researchers started to dig, we found that Amber Heard has used the last name Van Ree many times, matter of fact when she incorporated her business. She is listed as Amber Van Ree, not Amber Heard. That’s current into 2014 boys and girls.

Anyone can find the information, it’s online. Did you know if you get married in the state of California you can register confidential and no one can find out about it? Truth.

Heard has been using the last name Van Ree since at least 2008 . Anyone remember what happened in California summer of 2008? Gay marriage was allowed.


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