Depp Fans “He’s a Sellout”

18 Jan

No confirmation from the couple or their reps, but Depp fans are not happy. Most are calling Johnny a sellout, typical, and ….gross. Yes even the girls Amber Heard’s age are saying this.

Johnny has stated before he doesn’t care what people say, that may be true most of the time, but this possible engagement to a woman closer to his daughters age than his, is hurting his career, and Amber Heard can expect to remain a c list actress. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t care, because he’s wanting to retire. Even hard core, long time fans are walking away.

He was once a man that seemed to have it together, and had become a family man. A good man in the midst of all the Hollywood bullshit. Now, Even the young girl fans are disgusted with him. All ages, long term fans, new fans, they all are turning their backs. Sure sure, there are some that are staying, “devout” fans. Mainly they just like his movies, his work. They aren’t ones that give a rats ass about morals, family, or decency. You know, fans with something in com on with Depp.

Here are some comments from fans around the net (US Weekly) about this engagement.

-I wonder if this marriage will last 14 years? It seems like the mother of his kids got the short end of the stick. She bared his kids and put up with only God knows what , he never married her, but after a few months, he’s turned into wanting to be a husband? Gimme a break.

Sara Kew1224 • 20 hours ago −
Hmm something sounds fishy. He must be head of heels for Amber or afraid he’ll lose her. He may be Johnny Depp, but he’s still a man and chances are he’s thinking with the wrong head. Poor Vanessa.

Guest2 I Adore Me • 18 hours ago −
Depp turned out to be like any other middle aged man who left his family for a younger piece of a$$. She will use him to advance her carrier and then leave for another woman.

Paula Cronic Kew1224 • 8 hours ago −
So completely agree! I can’t believe I would ever say this but I can’t stand Johnny depp anymore. It’s so pathetic! They look so silly next to each other! She’s 27! This girl is using him for his career and this marriage will be done in 5 years tops and I don’t feel one bit sorry for him, he gets what he deserves. All those years with Vanessa never married and this girl he wants to marry. So cliche it sickens me. Total sellout.

Oh and he still looks miserable in his photos with her. that hasn’t changed.

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