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21 Dec

I watched The Lone Ranger when it came out, after my mother saw it in the theatre and said she loved it. Shortly after her rave reviews ( she’s hard to please with any movie) I went to watch it. I held off on any opinion until it came out on DVD because I wanted the chance to really watch it in the comfort of my own home. I’ve had at chance and since I have never been a Depp fan, here is my two cents.

Critics slammed this movie saying it was hard to follow, and it wasn’t as they had expected it to be. They said the storyline was all over the place, and basically they just said it sucked. After watching the film anyone with half a brain can follow the storyline. It is full of action, and the cinematography is outta this world. Those saying that Depp’s portrayal of Tonto was too much like Captain Jack Sparrow are 1.) going off of very short trailer clips of the movie, and 2.) have not seen enough of The Lone Ranger and/or pirates to make a sound call.

Depp does a fantastic job of showing the audience that Native Americans were not the savages portrayed in our history books. He went out of his way to bring true entertainment to all audiences with Tonto, and did a superb job at the role. What we do not get is a moody, brooding, so serious Comanche Indian that the movie is taken down a notch or two in entertainment, just to satisfy some that wanted Tonto to be an angry Native American with a vengeance.

Armie Hammer does a great job as well,I wish we could have seen a bit more depth to his character John Reid.

All in all this movie should have banked at the box office. It’s a great movie and I hope this tells people at the critics/media as usual are not always correct. Something we at Jambernews are glad to say…we embrace, never take anything as truth. Find out for yourself. Think outside the box.

I can say, I truly feel the critics were way off on this movie.

For others they did not want to invest their money watching a Depp film after his change from faithful family man, to mid life crisis, Amber Heard dating, he’s lied to us all these years, Depp. That I cannot help. I know many felt this way, and would not see the movie. Maybe they will purchase it. Johnny Depp’s bad judgment aside, it’s a great film.

The Lone Ranger for me gets 4.25 stars out of 5.

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