Time Lord to Time Worn

16 Dec


Seen the latest pictures of Johnny Depp? No, not the ones with his pants down. The ones of him and his “beloved” on a sofa in London? Let me rephrase that. It’s a photo of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Doug Stanhope and Bingo on a sofa together, and it appears the photos were taken after partying. Johnny is smoking, The girls are playfully posing, which also seems the piled over one another to get the photo shot.

White “powder” on a canister upon the table in front of Doug (the man on Johnny’s knee). Booze strewn out on the table as well.

No wonder Depp looks like his worn. It’s not just the blonde hair he adopted for filming Mortdecai. He really looks depleated, deteriorating and damn near destroyed. What? All for a little nookie on the side? Remind anyone of the Kate Moss years? Think again, Johnny looks even worse for wear this round. He looks more like a babysitter to teens than the boyfriend of Amber Heard. Who happens to make sure she reaches across another woman just to grab Johnny’s hand. “Look we’re still a couple!”

That might be, but Johnny Depp needs to get off the ride he’s on. Is he doing drugs yet again? That may explain some of the weight loss the last few months. Cocaine binges. You can tell he’s drinking like a fucking fish. It’s taking a toll on those time lord looks of his.  At this point we just don’t know why he’s doing this. Trying to keep up with the 20 some-things? Just needing a break from being a down to earth family guy? Maybe he just could no longer fend off his wants of booze and drugs. No one knows, but one thing is clear. Pictures show a lot and this guy is going down hill fast, without any breaks to stop him.



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