“Dear” Johnny

17 Nov

Johnny here we are. 7 months after you appear to reluctantly go public with Amber. Most think she is a home-wrecker. “what , she’s not?” Thank you for your attitude of never caring about what people think. You’re young piece of ass is being called the whore that has wrecked your life, and you haven’t even been gentleman enough to correct that. Then again, if she is just a piece of ass you are keen to have some fun with I can understand why you have never been honorable and gentlemanly towards her, and corrected what people have said about your new “soulmate”. What is this, the 4 or 5th one?

Maybe you’re fully aware of what we have seen and heard come out of this manipulative wretches mouth. Maybe this is why you have not been chivalrous and defended her. I understand.

It’s clear that you are not happy when you are out with her. No amount of changing what you do now when seen in public with her will change anyone’s mind. Smile to your hearts content. The truth been sen in your face and actions. Any difference now and it will only be to save face. Your actions have told more than what you could have told us if you would have stood up for amber. Your actions have let us know that she did have something to do with why you left a 13 year relationship. She may not have been the reason but we can see she gave you the extra reason you needed to leave.

Your mouth spewing comments and letting people know how much you cared about your family, about the kind of person you were, what you considered sacred, was just bullshit. We are not saying you had to stay in a relationship that was over, that wasnt making you happy but this…..this utter fucking mess. It’s girl, and I repeat girl that has shown herself to be arrogant and just plain manipulative has made us realize maybe we need to call you as you are. Desperate, sick, pussy whipped, weak, and beyond being a good guy.

Here you think the critics made problems for the Lone Ranger? LoL

I’m afraid it may have been your third child on your arm and the fact you, not amber heard wrecked your life. You sir, like to go cheap and it shows.

Perhaps since you have labeled yourself as weird and attracted to odd people, that explains your fascination with this deceitful and opportunistic cunt. Your obsession with a fucking nut job who suckered you. Maybe my drivel and blog/website only fuels you more. It may make you just want to hang onto the career sucker longer. So be it. If you have that kind of hang up with the “odd” it will end up hanging you.

Have fun in the near future dragging that insolent child behind you. At least you aren’t hiding in floorboards any longer because you FINALLY gave in to being seen with the little tramp. France knows her as Amber Whored.

We just know her as the woman who ruined Depp. (Hint: let it go, she isn’t Bacall, Bogey, but she is a cancer. I think he found out that cancer kills)




5 Responses to ““Dear” Johnny”

  1. AmberWHO??? November 17, 2013 at 10:46 pm #

    Well done!

    I just might add that no amount of the little trollop acting demure is going to convince anyone. We have all seen her true skanky nature and no that she is NOT a lady by any means.

    As stated, you Johnny like them cheap. But for this one you are paying a huge price tag. She has dragged your reputation into the toilet and has made the public question your sincerity and everything about your character.

    You want to retire, bail on all of the people who believed in and supported you? That would include every director, producer, company and all of the people that have worked for you tirelessly to support the work you do. As far as the general public goes, you obviously don’t give a shit, you have all of their stupid money. Since that is how you feel about us, here is how we feel about you…go shit in your hat.

  2. nonofyourbusiness November 21, 2013 at 2:04 am #

    Does he own you an explanation? Do you actually feed him or his family that he owns you an explanation ? Basically you seem to be very obsessed with him and how he lives his life. Analyzing every single photo and you seem to assume that you know him or people that surround him. Give us a reason why he should explain himself to everyone?

    • jambernews November 27, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

      He doesn’t have to. His actions are doing it for him.

    • Connie Redd (@connie_redd) November 27, 2013 at 8:51 pm #

      Johnny says that we pay his salary so, I guess we do feed him and his family.

  3. Falala November 23, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    ooopsss someone’s having a meltdown HAHAHA!! oh dear, words fail me. How about you focus all this energy wasted into your own life hmm

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