The Lone Loser

5 Sep

I was sitting here tonight trying to go beyond my own thoughts and I started to wonder why Johnny Depp fans were losing interest in him. I’m not saying all of them are. There are plenty that think Johnny Depp can do no wrong and even if he has made a mistake with Amber Heard these imbeciles will back him no matter what he does or what he ruins including himself, or leading his fans on for years with a facade.  There’s nothing wrong with a facade as long as you don’t try and make people believe it’s the real you; which is what Mr. Depp has done. We have no statements to the contrary.

It’s his right to stay silent on the whole Amber Heard omission. It’s his private life. Then again if he thought some of his fans wouldn’t pick up on the fact that he’s never kept any of his previous relationships hidden, or not pick up on the true character of the woman he is now dating is obtuse.Johnny Depp has been around long enough to know his fans are smarter than that. So then what? It’s obvious as usual Depp doesn’t give a shit. Just as he’s shown many times. That’s okay too. If you’re going to be man enough to hook up with someone closer to your daughter’s age you can’t give a shit.  What makes the fans and people in general pissed about this relationship even though they are very aware  his personal life is just that. Personal. It’s because of Amber Heard? No.

I’ve come to conclude through all the emails I’ve received, and the comments here that his behavior ABOUT the whole relationship with Amber Heard is the problem. He’s changed. (or had he?)  Is this the real Johnny people are seeing? He’s debating on retiring so maybe he just got tired of hiding behind the good guy image for 14 years. Thing is… even before Johnny was with Vanessa he didn’t hide any of his “girls”

People are left wondering ” If things were legit why not announce your split from Vanessa before June of 2012?”  “Johnny and Amber were obviously together before June 2012, and if nothing was untrustworthy, and nothing was done in the dark, why then not come out about it?”

Good questions. There was something to hide. Something,somewhere in the beginning wasn’t something he wanted the world to know about.


Johnny married Lori – 1983-1985

Sherilyn Fenn –  starred alongside Johnny Depp in the 1985 short student film Dummies, directed by Laurie Frank for the American Film Institute. Fenn and Depp dated for three and a half years, subsequently getting engaged.

Jennifer Grey – 1989

Winona Ryder – 1990-1993

Tatjana Patitz – 1993

Kate Moss – 1994 -1998 (last year was off and on) May 1998 they break up

Vanessa Paradis – 1998-2012 (Met May 1998 while he filmed the Ninth Gate)

Amber Heard –    20??-  (Met while filming the Rum Diary 2009)

You do the math.


2 Responses to “The Lone Loser”

  1. diya67 September 5, 2013 at 3:04 am #

    So true. I think Johnny isn’t happy and he eyes say a thousand words. I looked at previous video clips and interviews from a few years ago ,especially the clip I saw from No Good Reason and he looked good and happy, there is spark there. Now nothing, empty.

  2. AmberWHO? September 5, 2013 at 4:06 am #

    So based on your “relationship timeline”, if Johnny and Ambalina have been having an affair since 2009 or even if it just started up two years ago, he could already be cheating on her with someone else? Maybe THAT’S why his PR is not dumming down the story on Ambalina being “allowed” to have affairs. With that in their corner, if he’s caught, they are safe. She’s doing it, he can do it.

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