Amber Heard Movie Clips

1 Sep

I’m not trying to be a bastard but if this is any indication of her acting abilities she’s in trouble.

And we speak about that which we know and have apparently used.


I just cringe because it’s so bad.



2 Responses to “Amber Heard Movie Clips”

  1. AmberWHO? September 1, 2013 at 2:23 pm #

    What is she now an EXPERT on the archetypes of woman. I know it’s an ad, but she certainly doesn’t speak for me. Actually, there are not really 4 female characters, there are only 2. It’s the Madonna/Whore syndrome and we women have been doing it for eons!!! Every man wants a genteel, demure woman in the parlor, but a slut in the bedroom. We have all done it to one degree or another.
    Sorry Amberlina, again, you have missed the boat. We’ve all been doing it in one form or another for years before you were born. It’s old news. And practice does make perfect.
    It’s not even alluring and as a women, I know when other women are being alluring. This is just embarrassing and uncomfortable to watch her trying so hard.
    Nope, she still has no relevance and no talent.

  2. jawaka September 1, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    She said arch-i-types, which is how it’s spelled, but it’s pronounced ark-i-types. But what do I expect from a bad actress with a tenth grade education?

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