London Fields ( Info )

31 Aug

Shooting begins in 3 short weeks, and again this isn’t a breakout role for her. Read the following. :face palm:

Nicola Six (Amber has had a lot of characters named SIX) is a self-styled “murderee”, who manipulates the entire cast of characters to bring about her own murder so that she will not have to face ageing, a natural process that she hates as she fears the loss of her attractiveness and power to manipulate men, as well as the indignities of decay and old age. She describes herself as a failed suicide, who must find her murderer if she is to successfully end her life. She spins a different story to each of the three male characters (Sam, Keith and Guy). To Guy, she pretends she is a frigid, sexually timid virgin: she tells him that her childhood in a dreadful orphanage and her friendship with a tragic girl called Enola Gay who is raped by a “pitiless Iraqi” and who produces a child called Little Boy, has left her unable to form a sexual relationship with any man, but that Guy has awakened the possibility in her. Feigning love for Guy, she teases him sexually at every opportunity, pretending she is too afraid and too unready to “go the whole way” with him, until his unsatisfiable and excruciating lust induces him to leave his wife and child and to give her a very large sum of money which he believes will help her bring the fictional Enola Gay and Little Boy to London. Nicola insists that Guy leave his wife and son in order to consummate their relationship, and Guy does so, destroying his family life. To Keith, Nicola styles herself as a rich, knowing woman of the world, a former one-night-stand of the Shah of Iran, who recognises him for what he truly is – a darts prodigy and future darts and TV personality. She gives Keith Guy’s money, which he spends on ridiculous clothes and accessories. Keith, a pornography aficionado (and addict) is kept keen by regular “home videos” created by Nicola, starring herself. To Sam, Nicola pretends to tell the whole truth, but in fact manipulates him as well, in a way that is apparent to the reader only when Sam himself realises – at the end of the story.


Porn addict huh? Anyone know that Johnny Depp has currently read the novel “Choke” by Chuck Palahniuk.  Here’s a little about it: Denny’s case, a fellow recovering sex addict. Victor spends most of his time on the job guarding his friend Denny (who is constantly being caught with “contraband”, items that don’t correspond with the time period of the museum) in the stocks. Victor first met Denny at a sexual addiction support group (he was there as a guy who masturbates too much), and they later applied together to the same job.

WAIT FOR IT:   Cast Members So Far!

Amber Heard, Jim Sturgess, and BILLY BOB THORNTON


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  1. diya67 September 1, 2013 at 3:02 am #

    I wonder if Amber with have an English accent for this movie. Can she do accents????

    • AmberWHO? September 1, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

      It’ll probably come out sounding Southern. Maybe Johnny will help her practice it, since he’s such an “expert” at accents. The practice will include several rounds of tonsil hockey, I’m sure.

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