Is Amber feeling Smothered?

30 Aug

From Celebitchy:

Honestly, I’m starting to feel a little bit sorry for Johnny Depp. The tabloids are refusing to let up on his relationship with Amber Heard. Mind you, I don’t feel sorry enough for Johnny to not discuss these stories, but I do feel sad when I remember the virile Johnny who never let anything get him down. Johnny rode so high for so long with his career and last relationship. While no one really knows what happened to crush his long-term love, we know what happened to his career, which was a series of rapid-fire roles in bad movies.

As for Johnny’s personal life, the stories aren’t letting up. A few weeks ago, we covered the delicious tale of how his 27-year-old girlfriend, Amber Heard, was growing bored with Johnny because all he wanted to do was hang out at home, when she wanted him to help her become the next Angelina Jolie. I’m not sure whether that was true, but Amber has admitted that she’d love to be a big, bad action star. Well this week’s issue of Star says that Johnny is feeling so insecure both career-wise and romantically that he is “smothering” Amber. Is it true?

Johnny Depp may soon be a real-life Lone Ranger! Since the film’s recent failure at the box office, the legendary actor, 50 — who is the father of Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11, with ex-partner Vanessa Paradis — has been in a major slump, and his neediness is is pushing his girlfirned, 27-year-old Amber Heard, away. “He’s in a terrible state over the whole thing,” reveals a pal. “he’s been relying on Amber to maintain his fragile ego, but she isn’t sure how much more she can take. She’s been locked away in his apartment, looking after his kids, but his smothering behavior is driving her crazy.”

[From Star, print edition, September 9, 2013]

I tend to think that Johnny, who steps out these days only for work and special events like the recent Johnny Ramone tribute, is largely a recluse. Dude even owns his own island, you know? And Amber thinks of herself as an artist who needs to be constantly stimulated by knowledge. She probably does feel stifled if she spends most of her time hiding out with Johnny and his kids at home. I do think that, as sad as it sounds, the clock is winding down on this relationship.


Other gossips are picking it up as well:


7 Responses to “Is Amber feeling Smothered?”

  1. MLD August 30, 2013 at 2:44 pm #

    Looking after his kids???? Given her massive intellect, she’s probably helping them with their homework, and of course, those towel over the shoulder kitchen pictures prove that she is undoubtedly a dab hand with cookie baking.

    Can’t Johnny afford responsible help to look after his children??? Or is this another attempt to make Amber look like a selfless, caring, mature partner? Or is she trying to prove to Johnny that she is actually a keeper? If I were Vanessa, I’d get those kids back to France tout de suite.

    • jambernews August 30, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

      LOL, Oh no not at all. Amber said she loves cooking don’t for one minute think it’s for anyones pleasure but her own. Homework? ” I’m so tired of maaaath, learn me some literature.” -Amber Heard

  2. gabbi August 30, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    Amber is not looking after the children. Johnny has nannies to do that when him and Vanessa are both away. Last I heard was that Vanessa came back to LA about a week or so ago with Jack. Johnny picked up Lily-Rose on a few weeks ago on his way back from London so that she can attend the One Direction concert. Johnny lives in his mansion, not an apartment and I”m sure he’s not dwelling on The Lone Ranger. Box Office Mojo reported that so far it has grossed $230 + million and it still hasn’t been released in China yet. It took $250 million to make and with the merchandise and dvd sales it will do just fine. Of course it is not what they were hoping, but I wouldn’t consider it a flop by any means and Johnny doesn’t care about the numbers anyway.. Amber is not cooped up at all. She travels with him all over the place.

    • jambernews August 30, 2013 at 11:22 pm #

      I agree that she doesn’t feel trapped in a house or apartment all the time.I think it would read better if it said “Amber Heard doesn’t like “old People” hours at the Depp Mansion”

  3. jawaka August 30, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    WTF? If she just doesn’t do clubs or bars or public stuff, what does she expect to do? I’d really rather stay home than go to WalMart. Also, it just occurred to me – she says she wants to be an action star and, lo and behold, she’s pictured wearing a batman tee and swinging from a street sign. Brilliant!

    • jambernews August 30, 2013 at 11:25 pm #

      I hate to break it to her. That doesn’t scream action star. It screams “Crazy homeless crack head”

      • jawaka August 31, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

        Haha!!! Hilarious!

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