LOL Amber and Richard

29 Aug

Now listen, you can see this as Richard being a bit out of it if you want to, but I seriously think he was trying to GET A POINT ACROSS.  “This is where the ACTORS come ”  Hello? Anyway this is priceless. Have a watch.

Amber on Chelsea Lately


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  1. AmberWHO? August 31, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

    Richard Dreyfuss has always been one that is very shrude and sarcastic. I always liked him. He’s making a point here. He knows who she is, but he’s trying to put her in her place. “This room is for ACTORS, but you can sit here.” By recounting this story over and over, she is showing herself to be a complete IDIOT. She should be embarrassed to tell this story, but she thinks she’s dissing him, while it’s really Dreyfuss who is dissing HER. Way to go Amber Dumbass!!! So much for being intelligent. He realizes that she is no actor and he told her so TO HER FACE. That’s 100 points for Dreyfuss and 0 for Amberlina.
    Plus, it shows that she has no problem trying to make others look bad. If she will attempt to bad mouth Dreyfuss, by telling a story that she thinks will have people believing that there is something wrong with him, she’ll bad mouth anyone. Or did his comments hurt her feelings and this is her pay back. Either way not a smart move. Hollywood does not like it’s stars to bash each other. Granted, Dreyfuss may not be as relevant as he once was, but he’s still a name that can get attention, unlike Amber, who’s name only gets attention when it appears next to that of Johnny Depp.

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