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29 Aug

This went to the spam here on the blog and I didn’t see it to approve it. I went through the spam tonight and found it. I approved it. It was posted under my blog post “Quote from a Depp Site”  I wanted to give this person who wrote from “wilmot’s woman” at gmail, a special place since their reply was over looked. So here I will post it and reply. Fair is fair. I will place their words and then answer them in BOLD.

 Do you not have a life outside of these people’s personal lives?? They owe you absolutely NOTHING. People change during their lifetimes,

Then Johnny Depp has turned into a real douche hasn’t he? He’s turned from being with women that have a sense of class to trash. I agree that people do change in their lifetimes. That much is true, but this man really took a turn. A 180

it would behoove you to GROW UP and 1) realize that, and 2) not invest SO MUCH of yourself and your emotions into people you don’t even KNOW.

Forgive me you dumb fuck, but why are you here? Are you investing angry emotions into something I am doing online? You don’t know me so why are you investing so much time here?

Good grief. Is this some jilted high school boyfriend of Amber’s or something? That’s what you sound like–very petty and immature to the extreme.

NO Thankfully. I’m one year younger than Depp and I never liked girls that were arrogant and full of themself. Depp didn’t either but apparently he finally got the “cheeleader” type that use to shun him as a young man.  It’s not petty and immature to call out when an individual is lying. My God it does ruffle feathers when someones idol is brought down to human doesn’t it?

Last but certainly not least–you don’t know WHAT happened between the 3 of them, unless you know them personally and saw it for yourself or one of them told you.

Are you really this dumb? Everyone here knows nothing about what happened between the three of them. We have talked about it – tried to get an idea of what may have happened but we just don’t know. Why are you so hell bent about this and why do YOU care? I’m glad you pointed out what we have said time and again, that we don’t know when it started or what happened. For a minute there I thought you were a Depp fan that was pissed.

You have no business and a helluva lotta nerve speculating like that…because you might very well be WRONG. Did ya ever think of that??

What is wrong with speculating? He’s a public figure and he’s a grown adult. He did this to himself. Speculating? It’s not a fucking crime. I did nothing wrong, and you’re getting pissy in your panties because Johnny is looking more and more like he very well may have left the mother of his children for a home-wrecker. He’s not above that. Now deary what could I be wrong about? That she is a home-wrecker and he was screwing her before he announced his split from Vanessa?  Go look at the facts and evidence. It’s all there.

Thankfully, most sensible, intelligent, non-judgmental people realize that as the no-brainer/given that it is, and pay no mind to this lame-ass site other than to scoff at it and dismiss it out of hand, as it (and you) fully deserves. SOMEone needs to tell you: your jealousy/envy is showing.

There must be thousands of people who don’t agree with you, as per the stats here at this website. A lot of people are interested to know why Johnny has changed and why he’s dating someone like Amber Heard. If it’s none of anyone’s business, then I suggest we just stop paying the dumb fuck. Easy.

Oh and our statistics here at this blog are phenomenal for a blog only open to readers for 2.5 months. We have thus far gained over 223,000 unique,individual views. Not bad for just 2 months.  Below you will see some of our first weekly hits, and then daily for August.   Here are some screen shots.




13 Responses to “Comment from a Reader”

  1. Randie August 29, 2013 at 10:10 pm #

    What is there to be jealous or envious about? That he is dating someone young enough to be his daughter? Nope, doesn’t turn me on. Envious that amber heard is a two-timing home wrecker, and a liar? Not something I would want with me. No, I’m pretty sure that I’m not jealous or envious of either of them. Yes, I do like johnny Depp the actor, but that’s about as far as it goes. I certainly wouldn’t want to hook up with either of them. Lmao, no.

    And when will people stop overlooking the real victim in all of this? It wasn’t just a sordid love triangle you arrogant ass, there was another person that was involved, her name would be tasya. At least Vanessa gets to keep a part of johnny with her always, they have kids together, what did tasya get to keep? That’s right, she I’m sure has feelings too, and ambers lies and deceit hurt a lot of people, it goes way beyond her career. Which, according to the history of celebrity dating dictates that she will now always remain a c class actress and nothing more. When it’s over, so is she. Tom/Katie anyone? Without Suri.

  2. Menobatman August 29, 2013 at 10:14 pm #

    I’ll never understand why people feel the need to sh!t on other people’s websites, thoughts, people themselves in general. Who the f*** died and made you queen? This is a free country if you don’t want to read this blog GO SOMEWHERE ELSE no one is forcing you to be here so click away. Wtf. Stuff like this just makes me pissed in general. People are such whiners “I don’t like this so you should change it” eff you. Go back to your happy land where Johnny and everyone else you admire are infallible gods. Lord she’s the one that needs a life. Her idiocy is showing.

  3. CJsamone (@cjsamone) August 29, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    Honestly I thought this was her mother until the words “helluva” came forward.
    Sounds like someone close, or new underage employees working for her team.

    & yes jealous, the day you are jealous of this staged relationship is the day when we all wear each others indian jewelry.

    Interesting when people have facts in front of them yet rather be stubborn, angry & whine.

    Christ, connect a store to your new site. Sell only the best baby bottles. Make sure those nipples our freshly sterilized. Its the least you can do for them.

    • jambernews August 29, 2013 at 10:28 pm #

      Of course, offer cheese with their wine.

  4. AmberWHO? August 29, 2013 at 10:33 pm #

    Gee, it venom in her post makes me wonder if “Amber is watching”, she’s into the whole 1984 thing another book we HAD to read in 10th grade high school along with Animal Farm.

    By the way Jambernews, thanks for the stats, I was wondering how many people were seeing this blog. EXCELLENT!!!

    I can tell on the Depp websites that people are reading here, they make little shrouded comments now and then. I think more of them need to be willing to come out and say what they feel.

    • jambernews August 29, 2013 at 10:35 pm #

      I had to actually ask someone who knew about stats if it was good or bad, and he’s a tech geek. He said for the kind of blog and only 2 months it’s very good. he was realistic and I was a bit surprised actually. Apparently over 2000 hits a day for a small blog is good.

  5. karma August 30, 2013 at 5:44 am #

    Johnny’s and Amber’s PR are probably among your most loyal followers by now. LOL.

  6. Kili August 30, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    “I never liked girls that were arrogant and full of themself. Depp didn’t either but apparently he finally got the “cheeleader” type that use to shun him as a young man.”
    lol! That explains a lot

    Was Johnny Depp being shunned by anyone at all or are you saying he was a guy like you with esteem issues? Or whether Amber is an arrogant girl or the ‘cheerleader’ type in her personal life and doesn’t share any qualities with his other women at all? On the other hand, why exactly is he supposed to have fallen for the “cheerleader” type all of a sudden eventhough he’s always dated beautiful models and actresses? Whatever is the 180 degree change you’re talking about?

    Anyway congrats on the gossip blogs’ success and good luck for thriving in the Internet gutters ! No one cares about Amber Heard and her lies, so nice trick manipulating the “Whatever happened to Johnny Depp” angle since your traffic seems to be mostly because of that. Unlike fansites you are also a nice haven for the Depp loons, stalkers etc who should thank for your ‘services’ in making them feel better. Hope that Johnny Depp remains hugely successful and popular so that your blog remains alive and you prosper or whatever it is you have this blog for.

    • jambernews August 30, 2013 at 2:05 pm #

      I’m going to let the readers here comment back to your comment. You must not know Johnny Depp’s past too well or you’d realize several of your comments make no sense. I feel there are enough very intelligent people here to handle and reply to your comment, it does me no good since I’ve already covered and answered the things you’ve said.

    • jawaka August 30, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

      Johnny Depp WAS rejected by a cheerleader type when he was in high school. That’s in his biographies. And we’re talking about a personality type not an occupation, so his dating actresses and models has nothing to do with whether they are a cheerleader type or not. A cheerleader type is the popular girl, the prom queen, the mean girl, the cheerleader, the snob, the self-possessed, etc. Did you go to a public high school in the US? If so, you’d know the type. He’s always avoided that type until now. That’s a 180.

      The rest of your comment makes no sense.

      • Kili August 31, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

        I know what a ‘cheerleader’ type is. As you said the popular girl – which is what my question was based on? Were not all Johnny Depp girls’ popular and beautiful? So what’s the 180 degree change you’re talking about? From what I gather from this site Amber has fooled Johnny into thinking that she’s his type, is it not? Ofcourse the rest of my comment would make no sense – as they say you can wake up a person who actually sleeps but not someone who pretends to sleep. Anyway just for the record, my congrats to jambernews was sincere!

      • jawaka August 31, 2013 at 11:37 pm #

        They were indeed popular and beautiful, but they did not seem arrogant, snobby, narcissistic, generic, inartistic, untalented, conceited, self-possessed, wildly selfish and vacuous.

        They also say: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. All that glitters is not gold. Common sense is not so common. A man is known for the company he keeps. An empty vessel makes the most noise. Admiration is the daughter of ignorance. Loose lips sink ships.

  7. meggi August 31, 2013 at 4:45 am #

    hahahaha loooool you all fell for it! I wondered why it never showed up in the Depp forum quotes thread where I had put it– and then saw that you did a thread all its own here..and it went to spam!? LOL I just wanted to see how you’d handle someone who didn’t agree with you–who totally stood up for Depp and his baby girlfriend. I took some things from some posts on Depp fan sites and put them in my comment to sound really indignant and pissed off, and so cool to see that it worked! You all believed I was really upset with this blog and even suspected I might be related to the plastic bimbo! hahahahaaa sorry!

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