The Release of ‘All the Boys Love’….

26 Aug

She using him pure and simple. It’s pretty obvious since now a movie she made 7 years ago is just NOW getting a US release. See, hook up with Johnny and all of a sudden you become relevant. Of course the reason it was not released at the time, according the the Wall Street Journal, is that original producer hated Amber’s performance, it was sold to the Weinsteins, Bob and Harvey. Bob liked Amber and gave her another movie that tanked, so they never released it. It got sold a couple more times and now the Weinsteins have it again. You know the Weinsteins, the ones who buried an amazing performance by Johnny in The Libertine, arguably one of his best. I’m thinking Johnny used some of his clout and convinced the Weinsteins to help out his oldest daughter’s career. You know, I’ll forgive you for burying The Libertine, if you help out my trophies career.

I may have gotten some of the property sales wrong, but you can read it here:


SOURCE: Fellow poster and reader at Jambernews. Thank you.


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  1. AmberWHO? August 26, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

    Interesting also, is that Johnny just mentioned The Libertine in a UK interview. He was asked which one of his movies that hadn’t been seen by the public, would he actually like for the public to see. Johnny said, “The Libertine”.
    Could have been a planted question. And that is then called setting the stage and would possibly get buzz going. Or he knew the Weinsteins were going to do release HOME-WRECKER’S movie (likely) and this was a way to recognize them.
    True, he has sighted The Libertine in the past, but often times he will say Ed Wood, another great performance.

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