Rockport Continued

26 Aug

I wanted to address a comment made on the first rockport post. A reader/comment or stated the following:

“I repeat, Amber and Brittany travelled separated. Amber took her boyfriend’s airlines while Brittaney travelled on a commercial airline that showed in her pictures on instagram. She’s visiting her parents and this has nothing to do with Amber. If they went together as you told, then why they didn’t also travelled together??? No way, they are not spending time together. We would have seen pictures of the two already otherwise, nad if Johnny took his children there as somebody suggested well, Brittany wasn’t with them anyway. There are even some twits between Brittany and Lily Rose where Brittany asked Lily where she was, so it’s clear that they weren’t together in a same place.” End comment.

Let’s look at some facts, although there were photos of Brittany and amber together during the Lone Ranger premiers there were no photos of them out and about while touring the cities together. So the fact there are no photos of them together in Texas is a moot point. We have to be fair and what is fair for the goose is fair for the gander. Also we have no photo/video evidence that amber flew with johnny, or as you said amber flew “boyfriend airlines” (nice quote from the rum diary there- who are you?) anyone can charter a private plane an s we don’t know

Know if amber went commercial as well. At this point we will have to wait and see if any photos surface to answer those questions. It is funny and way to big of a coincidence to me that amber and Brittany go to Texas at the same time. Wow of all the neat happenings!

We also do not have any photos of johnny in Austin not yet anyway. We do have one of him in rockport. Who took this photo? Why release it to the public ? It was a private outing. Also if you want publicity for your relationship why not release photos of johnny in Austin? Ambers parents are not so affluent people that they live behind gilded gates. Think about it.

This is another strange event. I do not ha a high resolution of the rockport picture, someone that does can enlarge it and see if there is any discernible reflection in his glasses. See what you can see.

About his kids being with him? Who cares. The man doesn’t have to take them everywhere with him. I do not care if his children were with him or not.

So unless we have more photos it is fair to say Brittany wasn’t with amber because there aren’t photos to prove it.
They did not take photos while out and about while overseas. Also one cannot say Johnny was in Texas with amber or because of amber. We have no photos to prove he was with her. He’s been going to Texas for decades.


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  1. IRONIC August 27, 2013 at 3:47 am #

    you are trying to create a story, depp boyfriend is amber, the two were there together.

  2. IRONIC August 27, 2013 at 3:48 am #

    you’re closing your eyes to reality, and trying to get the girl who has a boyfriend Brittany with a lesbian, actually.

  3. Rex August 27, 2013 at 3:53 am #

    Sorry, but I don’t get what’s your point. Amber and Brittany flew separately and there are 2 things that prove it: Brittany put pictures on her instagram of her flight and it was a commercial line, and Amber wasn’t there otherwise she would have taken pictures as she did when they were all together at Amber’s home after the night they spent going to a gay club. I mean, Brittany wants publicity also, so everytime she has the chance of being with Amber somewhere she tries to take pictures putting them on her profile. Then it’s not true that during The lone ranger promotional tour they were never photographed together. I saw a picture of the two walking together once on a forum dedicated to Amber. You can bet that Brittany wants publicity so if they were together in Austin, she would put pictures on her instagram of her with Amber. Anyway, if Amber really travelled with Brittany they would have been seen and photographed by someone. When Amber doesn’t travel with him indeed, she doesn’t even have his security team that protect her from being photographed as it happened when she was senn with Tasya Van Ree not long time ago when they were in Melrose and as it happened when Amber travelled with Marie de Villepin also last January I mean. They were seen and photographed together at the airport because Amber didn’t travel with him, so as you can see when she’s in public places she can’t hide and she got photographed. So if she was with Brittany at the airport I don’t buy that nobody was able to see and photograph her. There would have been twits on her at least reporting sightings of the two together but it didn’t happen. Brittany was probably alone and nobody cares to take picture of her if she’s alone since she’s not a celebrity even though she’s trying to get fame thanks to Amber. More over, if Brittany and Amber went together in Texas why they didn’t fly together with Johnny private plane? As they travelled together during The lone ranger promotion, they could have travelled together also this time, but they didn’t. There’s no proof that Amber is in Texas it’s true but that’s because Johnny is very private and doesn’t like to take pictures of his private moments, so we wouldn’t see anyway pictures of him and Amber there also because there are paparazzi there so much. How many pictures did you see of Johnny in his private moments with Vanessa for example? They were seen together very rarely and everytime when they were on their yacht together, otherwise we never saw them in their private moments because he’s very private and everybody knows this about Johnny. For example when Johnny went to Mexico to film his movie “Transcendence”, he was seen travelling with Amber. There were witnesses that told she was there with him in the car with her little dog, but no pictures were taken of her. Why? Because he’s private and doesn’t want publicity also when he’s with her in private situations. But she was accompanying him anyway even though she wasn’t seen.
    Still, there’s something else. On Amber forum someone told that Amber face has been seen with him in a same place in Texas. Don’t know where though. It was said that if you follow the right people on twitter you could have seen her also but this person didn’t explain who these people are, so I don’t know but it’s very possible that Amber is there with him in Texas now as she was with him in New Mexico and almost nobody saw them together even though they were there together.

    Listen, sometimes I don’t know what you are trying to demonstrate with your posts. Not that I like so much Amber with him because they’re a strange couple with a big age gap, but at the same time I think it’s strange also that you always try to demonstrate that they aren’t a real couple and that it’s a farce. My God, what the hell you think he could get pretending of dating her? For publicity? Oh please, whatever we think of him, he’s Johnny Depp and many women would replace Amber in one minute because many women still want him because he’s Johnny Depp, so I don’t really buy that he would pretend to date a woman that nobody likes with him just for publicity because he could get a better publicity with any other women that he could date for real and that would be completely straight. It doesn’t make sense that he’s in a farce for publicity because he knows he could get a far better publicity with a better woman than Amber. There are many beautiful and young women that would date him for real in show business and that could be even more talented than Amber and not hated as much as she is, so why choosing her when he could date for real a woman? It’s senseless also because thanks to this relationship he’s getting an awful publicity that it is only damaging his career and his image and he’s surely aware of this as he’s aware that people don’t like him with Amber and that many fans seriously started to dislike him since he came out with her, so if he’s paying the price of gaining a very bad image and of losing fans with this new hated relationship it’s just because he really likes to date Amber otherwise he would be crazy in being in such a farce that is giving him only a dangerous publicity for his career and that is of course damaging him from many points of view. So please stop to demonstrate with exaggerated ideas that his relationship with Amber is a farce or a publicity stunt because if it was nobody can deny that he would need to stay in a asylum for insane people.

    • jambernews August 28, 2013 at 1:46 am #

      Holy f**k! It’s a GD book!

  4. karma August 27, 2013 at 6:20 am #

    Honestly, i don’t get the fuzz about this pic. Johnny often let’s people take a picture with him and allows them to post it, in return they don’t tell anything else. It’s a nice advertisement for that guide too.
    Johnny has friends and Amber has family in Austin, they are going overseas to work for some time and maybe decided to pay a visit before thy leave, so what?

  5. MK August 28, 2013 at 12:51 am #

    I understand your point, but still i don’t understand why do you think Brittany’s parents live in the same city than Amber’s? Sorry, but Texas is an state
    And also I can’t understand the obsession with her, she has BOYFRIEND and had a very tight relationship with Lily Rose and that in my planet means, that if she’s so close to Amber too, that the relationship between the Depps and Amber is deep that right now, they are like a big happy family who share friends. That’s what you want to believe? and so what’s next? Amber hanging around with Patti Smith?
    And by the way, there’s some twitter about Johnny in Austin last night
    About the picture, for what I read (the original picture had the capture with this story) the fishing guide told to his niece that he was with Johnny fishing. The niece didn’t believe him and thought it was a joke, then the “uncle” sent to her the picture with Johnny to prove it, and she put it on the web.

  6. Randie August 28, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    Rex…it goes both ways, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You say that we here speculate about the jamber fiasco, yet you yourself have riddled post after post of yours with nothing but speculation. People magazine? No longer a “respectable” magazine, it’s the same as the enquirer, owned by the same company too. Sad, but true. As far as the overlapping relationships, you have no idea when amber and tasya split up any more than anyone else, so stfu. What we do know is that home wrecker was wearing Johnny’s sh!t long before “official” word was released about him and Vanessa being over. Her and tasya, well lets go from the time that tasya ripped all of her amber sh!t off her website….yep, there’s overlap. Tasya as a cover??? Are you f@$&ing kidding me? Grow up and see the bigger picture. Wow, how big of amber to use the person she “came out” with as a cover for her non covert relationship with johnny. That’s a bull sh!t theory, as much as you may want that to be true, so that the relationship wouldn’t overlap, um no. That actually would make amber look like even worse of a person than she is already making herself out to be. No dice baby. Much as I wouldn’t care how horrible she looks to the public, that really isn’t fair.

    Tasya as a cover? Lol. If so then we would have to call bull sh!t on their entire relationship and say that tasya was acting as a cover the entire time they were “together”…..4 years as a cover, I’m not buying that. There were plenty of men that amber was seen getting cuddly with during that time though, so maybe she is as big of a slut as I thought. Maybe the girl can’t decide whether she wants d!ck or pu$$y. Maybe that’s what her interim relationships were, a trial to see if she was really gay or not. –rolls eyes–

    Arthur wybrands is a real person. Use google sweetheart. You will see pictures. Even a company. Grasp as much as you want but no. She was screwing around with him, rumored to be engaged to him even, and she ended up choosing pu$$y instead. Crispin glover? Again, google to your hearts content on that one. I thought I read her direct quote on that relationship, I could be remembering wrong though. Where she said she liked older men thing. Oh well, whatever.

    Johnny has nothing to gain from dating her, it is amber that has everything to gain from dating him. Johnny stands to lose quite a bit from this disaster, fans, money, respect, possibly friends, the list goes on ad nauseum. Who would fault her for trying to sleep her way to the top? Is been done by women for eons.

    • jambernews August 28, 2013 at 5:17 pm #

      Great rebuttal Randie. Well said.

    • Rex August 29, 2013 at 5:02 am #

      Randie with all my respect. most of what you write is nonsense. First of all things you wrote about the fact that Amber had overlapped relationship when she was with Tasya. You wrote that she was seeing many men while dating her. Really? And what is your proof about it? Just mention a proof, not just a rumour please. Amber is bisexual but she can have straight friends, don’t you think so? Or maybe since she’s lesbian she’s supposed to hang out only with gay people and as soon as she’s seen with a straight man, boom, it can’t be friendship, right? It must be something else uhm… listen, until somebody here have evidence that she was cheating on Tasya, you shouldn’t tell that it has been proved that Amber had overlapped relationships. Then let’s analyze your bullshit. You wrote that there a lot of pictures of Amber with Crispin Glover on goggle and that’s right, but I repeat all these pictures come from a premiere, a public event and this doesn’t prove they were dating. Amber had a small role in a movie with Crispin Glover, so of course they were friends also since they worked together once and they were together in a public event, so what? If you saw pictures of Amber with Crispin Glover walking in the street or anyewhere else than a premiere then I could agree with you that maybe something was going on between them, but if they were dating as you say, how come that there aren’t pictures of them together different from the premieres one? People who date are seen and photographed together in other occasions my dear, not only during a public event like a premiere, but there aren’t pictures of them together in different occasions. More over you’re wrong about the fact that she told she liked older men was a direct quote on that relationship because Crispin Glover wasn’t mentioned at all in that interview. She was talking about her past in a general way and her quote wasn’t referred to Glover, that’s only your imagination. Just search the interview you were talking about and you’ll see that her quote was general and not referred to anyone in particular. Don’t invent or exaggerate things to prove you’re right please. I read instead on a site that she denied rumours about dating him stating they were only friends and I believe it’s true because as I said, they were never seen together anywhere premiere apart. Then there’s no proof that she was engaged to Arthur Wybrands. Yes, you’re right pictures of him exist (i said indeed that some people used to say that he was a fictional character but I knew it wasn’t true) but there aren’t pictures of Amber with him. How come? If they were engaged don’t you think it’s strange that there aren’t pictures of them? Neither one? I mean, when she was engaged to Valentino Lanus she was seen with him in common places not just during a premiere and you can find pictures of them on web while you can’t find anything of her and Wybrands (and if I’m wrong, please then enlight me and give me a link where I can see them, so if I’m wrong I’ll tell you that I’m sorry about that but I don’t think there are any picture of her with Wybramds) so since there’s no proof they were engaged and neither that they were seeing each other sometimes, but there are only rumours, you all shouldn’t call ‘truth’ what is only a rumour, sorry because there’s a big difference. Then you said that Tasya wasn’t a decoy for Amber when she was seeing Depp. My God, are you aware of what big bullshit are you saying? Many people figure out that Tasya was just a decoy in 2012 for Amber, not just me. Some people even started to suspect that Tasya and Amber were never a real couple since it’s impossible that Tasya accepted to see Amber while she was seeing also Depp. Do you really think that Tasya didn’t know rumours that Amber was seeing Depp and that she didn’t see picture of Amber with him in Las Vegas and then in Creede? And even after seeing these pictures you think that she would have been okay keeping dating Amber anyway? When she was photographed smiling with Amber in some places do you really buy that Tasya didn’t know it was a staged meeting? Paparazzi were there taking pictures and Tasya was all smiling come on, it was a staged thing because when paparazzi are near to you, you don’t smile like that or caress Amber in front of them because it’s evident it was a staged thing, are you idiot or what believing that Tasya didn’t know it was all a game to hide what Amber was doing? Many people figure out this thing, not only me. More over Amber was seeing kissing Francesca Gregorini in November 2011 and do you really buy that after that, Tasya was still her girlfriend? Come on, don’t fool yourself. Do you really buy that Tasya accepted all this Amber shit for months and months and for what? Come on, Tasya surely saw pictures of Amber kissing Gregorini, so explain to me, why she should have keeping dating her even if she had evidence that she betrayed her? You’re mocking yourself if you think so. Tasya and Amber weren’t anymore a couple since October and there’s evidence of this first of all because they were both not seeing wearing their rings anymore since October indeed (this is a enough proof), second thing because Tasya wasn’t seen attending The rum diary premiere with Amber in LA while in past Tasya, since Amber’s coming out attended all public events with her because she wanted publicity too, so they weren’t together anymore attending public event and Amber wasn’t wearing at all her ring at the premiere indeed and third thing the fact that Amber was kissing another woman in a public place in November, isn’t a proof for you that her and Tasya were already over? Do you think that Amber would have allowed paparazzi to take pictures of her kissing Francesca if she was in a relationship with Tasya? She wouldn’t have called paparazzi if she wanted to hide the truth from Tasya (because it was her that called them since they weren’t interested at all following her, it’s been always her who called them to get attention and everybody knows that). But Tasya was seeing with Amber soon in 2012 and they seemed to have a nice relationship. How come? Do you really think that Tasya would have accepted all Amber’s shit? You’re naive if you think that Tasya didn’t know that Amber was seeing Depp, as you’re very naive if you think that Tasya didn’t know that Amber called paparazzi when she was with her because she saw them and she knew that Amber needed to be seen with her. Only you think that Amber didn’t use Tasya as a cover because it’s evident to everybody on web, just make a research and you’ll find out it’s true. Even on Amber’s zeta board lesbian forum her fans are all aware that Tasya was just a decoy as also Marie de Villepin and Francesca Gregorini were. What you think it’s nonsense because it’s impossible that Tasya agree to have a relationship with Amber after she saw pictures of her with Francesca Gregorini and pictures of Amber with Johnny in LAs Vegas and in Creeded. Do you think that Tasya was a stupid and naive woman that didn’t know what it was really happening in Amber’s life even if there was evidence (pictures I mean) that she was seeing Depp? As we saw pictures of her with him in Las Vegas and in Creede also Tasya saw them and I don’t buy she believed that Amber was seeing Johnny just as friend because friends don’t take a break from the movie they are filming as Amber did, flying to Colorado to see him. Tasya knew as much we also knew that Amber was seeing him and how come that Tasya kept seeing Amber anyway? They were seeing together also in Novemeber 2012, so please I don’t buy that Tasya was accepting Amber’s shit all that time. And if it’s true that Amber cheated on her having overlapped relationships, how come that Tasya is still friend with her? When your girlfriend cheats on you, you’re hurt and you don’t see anymore, right? But Tasya was seeing Amber a lot last year and is still seeing her sometimes because they’re friends. Sometimes I also have doubts about the fact that they weren’t a couple for real as many other people think because no woman that has been cheated and hurt by her girlfriend’s betrayal keep seeing her soon after the betrayal and keep being her friend. This is called common sense and what you think it’s only bullshit. Amber was also seeing a lot Marie de Villepin last year and do you really buy that Tasya accepeted so much shit from Amber unless they were just friends? You’re crazy if you think that Tasya wasn’t her decoy when there are many clues and evidence about it. And People isn’t a stupid magazine, sorry, that’s another bullshit. They publish a story only when they’re sure about it. They never write gossip indeed. Do you ever read them publishing common gossip on Johnny as other tabloids do? No, so shut up. The National Enquirer publishs all the time stupid stories on Johnny and Amber while People magazine doesn’t. And yes, there’s evidence that Johnny and Vanessa weren’t a couple anymore since October because it’s since then that Vanessa wasn’t wearing anymore her ring and the last time she was seen with him it was in November 2011 and she still didn’t wear her ring. She was seen accompanying somewhere her boy Jack to school and also Johnny was there but just pay attention at their body language. They walked distant and cold from each other. Vanessa walked in front of him and Johnny stayed behind and they neve rwalked like that in past. Everybody noticed they didn’t seen anymore a couple since then and this was also the last time they have been seen together. Here too many people told too many bullshit.

      • jambernews August 29, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

        I have to agree here if you want to be taken seriously you need to cite from legitimate sources as you’ve stated I should do. Oh and condense.

      • AmberWHO? August 29, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

        The only thing I’d like to say to both Johnny and Amberlina is, “once a cheater, always a cheater.”

  7. Rex August 29, 2013 at 5:07 am #

    Look, the point is that I don’t even like Amber that much and I don’t think she makes a good couple with him, but I also don’t like when people exaggerate things just to demostrate sonething that isn’t true because the Crispin Glover and Wybrands things are really bullshit never proved that here some people wanna sell for the truth at any cost.

  8. Randie August 29, 2013 at 6:14 pm #

    Rex…..amber and Whitney moving crap out of apartment February 2012. Amber seen wearing Johnny’s sh!t January 2012. You do the math. Overlap? Uhhhhhhhhhhhh durrrrrrrrrrrrr yeah. Now, you can either put up or shut up yourself. As for the other dalliances amber had while with tasya, I don’t have to post anything else because one has already been proven, so the others automatically stand to reason. Boom! Tasya staying with her as long as she did? Well, when we love someone we will usually do any and everything for them and overlook way too much…tasya did say that amber was her muse, sad to me. So who do you think got hurt in all of this? Vanessa, the kids, and tasya. So amber heard can suck…Err lick…off.

    You keep quoting rumor after rumor yourself, so when you have hard evidence come back. Until then stay over at the L chat.

    • Rex August 30, 2013 at 4:56 am #

      Randie you shouldn’t talk about evidence when you don’t have any about what you’re telling. The fact that Amber moved in February it isn’t evidence that she was still with Tasya. If she was still with Tasya, she wouldn’t have kissed another woman in a public place since she knew that also Tasya would have senn those pictures, so this is evidence dear that their relationship was over if Amber was kissing other women. More evidence? I have to repeat once again? Amber and Tasya weren’t both wearing anymore their rings since October 2011 and this is enough evidence they weren’t a couple anymore and Tasya wasn’t with Amber at The rum diary premiere even though she never missed a public event with Amber in past. There’s multiple evidence that Amber was single at the time. More proof? Tasya is still friend with Amber and nobody would be so friend with someone that cheated on you as Tasya has always been until now, You said that when we love someone we will usually do any and everything for them and overlook way too much but listen, Tasya and Amber are over and now Tasya wouldn’t have any reason anymore to do anything for her and to overlook her shit, so why she’s still her friend then? Come on, you’re telling fictional theories and you’re the only one that disagree about the fact that Tasya was a decoy. Everybody realized that Tasya was helping Amber to hide what she was really doing because the way she acted when paparazzi were taking pictures of them was 100% staged and only an idiot wouldn’t notice that. You decided in your heart to believe that Amber is a cheater, ok, then go ahead and have fun even there are many clues and also evidence that they were over in October. What you told isn’t evidence at all, it’s just your speculation, while pictures of Amber kissing another woman in a public place and the fact that she didn’t wear her ring anymore and so was doing Tasya since the autumn of 2011 are enough evidence instead that Amber was single. Maybe she waited a little bit to take her things because some people didn’t do it right away and can’t you see?? The fact that she was moving in february 2012 is another proof that her and Tasya were over, so that their following “encounters” in public places where paparazzi were called were staged and Tasya was just serving as a decoy. You’ve just yourself said that there was evidence that they were over in February 2012, so why you told that Tasya wasn’t a decoy? Since they were over it’s clear that Tasya was only helping her and that she was her friend. She wasn’t hurt at all like a person who was cheated, so stop with this story of the cheating, unless you have evidence of it. You’re just reporting rumours but nothing that has been proved. I mean, you don’t have any proof that Amber and Tasya were still a couple in October and November because they weren’t wearing their rings anymore and they weren’t seen together anywhere at the time. This is evidence, yours are only speculations.

      • jambernews August 30, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

        And so are the things you’ve stated Rex. Speculations. That’s enough I’m taking care of this.

  9. Randie August 29, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    Oh and

    Amber and johnny being together was rumors for a long time too. So maybe they aren’t boyfriend/girlfriend either since neither want to say yes or no. Maybe they are just friends too, since they haven’t said yes or no, and we don’t have any pics of johnny f***ing the sh!t out of her maybe its all a rumor.

    • Rex August 30, 2013 at 5:06 am #

      You’re stupid! In this case we have evidence they’re a couple because they have been seen walking together hand in hand everywhere and even when his kids were there with them…. more over Johnny made The Rolling Stones magazine stating that he has been dating Amber when he did his first interview after his split with Vanessa, and I hope you know that when he release an interview, this is managed and checked by his PR? So letting his PR confirming that he has been dating Amber it’s like formalizing they’re dating. All this never happened when Amber was rumoured of dating Crispin Glover and Arthur Wybrands. She even denied the story with Crispin Glover and about Wybrands, they are never been seen anywhere together. If they were a couple, it should exist at least one picture of them on web but there aren’t any. So unless you have evidence that Amber dated them, you should tell that she had ‘alleged and rumoured overlapped relationships’ because there’s no proof about these rumours. There’s even a denial about Crisping Glover’s rumours so please, try to not embarass yourself with denied and unproved rumours that someone here tries to sell for ‘absolute truth’.

      • jambernews August 30, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

        Rex it’s no longer a debate. If you have something new with proof to offer go ahead if not stfu I’m tired of hearing the same shit from you over and over.

  10. Rex August 30, 2013 at 5:45 am #

    Sorry Jamber, but it’s ridiculous that you tell me that I should cite legitimate sources to prove what I’m telling when you’re the first one that in this case that can’t cite any legitimate sources about Amber’s ‘overlapped relationships’. I mean, what your legitimate sources are? Sites that reported gossip? You even wrote in the other topic that Amber and Tasya officially announced they were no longer together when they never formalized their split! You just read on a gossip site the rumour that they were no longer together in June and tried to sell it as an official statement when they never stated when they split, so are you serious? Nor Amber nor Tasya ever stated when they split, so the source you mentioned was legitimate as you call it, please, don’t be in denial. You just mentioned rumours, but there’s no legitimate source about the things you wrote in the Amber’s overlapped relationship post, so please don’t ask me to cite legitimate sources when you’re the first one that in that post mentioned only rumours and no legitimate sources. Even in the case of Crispin Glover and Arthur Wybrands, you only cited rumours and the sources of these rumours, that’s it. There’s no proof she dated both of them, those alleged relationships were never confirmed or formalized, so you can’t talk about ‘legitimate sources or news’ because it sounds ridiculous. It’s just your speculation that rumours about her dating this men are true and yes, you’re entitled to have your opinion about those rumours, I’m not telling that you shouldn’t tell that for you these rumours are true, but please, don’t sell them as they are absolutely true because this is what people can think when they read the title: ‘Amber Heard’s Relationships DO Overlap’…. since you have no proof that she dated those men and you don’t even have proof that Amber dated Johnny when she was dating Tasya (because there were also rumours they were over when Amber was seeing him and that Tasya even gave Amber her blessing about it and no hurt woman by a very recent betrayal would do such a thing, come on, are we stupid? NO!), to be right and fair, you should change your title as: ‘Amber Heard’s Relationships DO alleged (or rumoured) Overlap”….

    • jambernews August 30, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

      Rex I’m being fair and letting you post but if you don’t understand what’s being said I think I might have to not approve your comments saying the same things over and over.

  11. Lilly September 5, 2013 at 11:25 am #

    I read the debate for case and I have to see that I agree with Jamber. It seems that Amber was dating other people while dating. She attended more than a premiere with Crispin Glover for example and those premieres were of movies that weren’t played by her. They were played only by Crispin, so why Amber was there with him acting like a fianceè? The movie “Beowolf” wasn’t played by Amber, but she was there with him at the premiere anyway and I don’t buy at all that she attended it just because she was friend with him. Friends don’t walk nor take so many pictures on the red carpet together while hugging unless they’re dating.

    My advice to Rex is: just look at these pictures: 1) 2) 3) More here: ….. I mean, can’t you see Rex that they looked like a couple? Amber had no reason to walk with Crispin Glover on the red carpet for the premiere of a movie only played by him unless she was his girlfriend, come on! Rumours never start for nothing and I didn’t read anywhere that she denied. I’ve read instead that she never denied rumours as she never denied rumours of having dated Arthur Wybrands too. He isn’t a fake person. Jamber is right. He exists and I saw pictures of him on web and there’s even a picture of him with Amber on a french magazine where they’re both smiling and they looked like a couple also.

    Just look here Rex:, on the left, on the bottom of the cover of this magazine you can see the picture, so please don’t say that they have never been seen together. You know what’s the point? That at the time Amber wasn’t that popular and nobody really cared about following and photographing her and the fact that only french people have pictures of Amber and Arthur together doesn’t tell you that french people know more than americans? Why Amber got pictured with him in France? What was she doing there? Please, can’t you see that Amber was really seeing him while dating Tasya?

    Amber is a false person and she probably never had a monogamous relationship with anybody because she’s quite a fu…ng cow I guess that beds all the people she likes or that can help her someway. You know, at the time, when she dated Crispin Glover and Arthur Wybrands she hadn’t come out as bisexual yet, so paparazzi weren’t interested at all in her private life or in following her and finding out who she was dating, that’s why there aren’t so many pictures of her with her ex boyfriends. Nobody knew her at the time so it’s normal that there aren’t all these pictures of her with Crispin (that is a C-list actor too, so what he did didn’t interest anybody also) or with Wybrands. As there aren’t many pictures of her and ex boyfriend Valentino Lanus. She wasn’t that interesting celebrity yet, so nobody cared about finding out what she was doing in her private life. And maybe she started to date Tasya just to get the attention she always dreamed to get. It’s also possible that they weren’t a real couple and that their dating was just a publicity stunt because Amber was looking for something big to get publicity when she was unpopular and with her lesbian relationship she got it enough even though now dating Johnny she got to be into the spotlight far more than ever. I’m not saying that their relationship is not true because he wouldn’t need any false publicity with someone like her of course, but I think that she dates people only to get more publicity, that’s why it seems she has always been in overlapped relationships. She looks for fame, not for love.

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