Amber is gutted by Paranoia flop

22 Aug

Amber Heard Begging Johnny Depp For Career Help After Paranoia Flop


One Response to “Amber is gutted by Paranoia flop”

  1. AmberWHO? August 25, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

    Oh, who cares gut her like a fish.
    I’m just getting so sick of her and consequently Johnny too, If he’s all supportive of her and her trash for a piece of ass, let him have it. I hope she gives him an STD or maybe he’ll give her one. Johnny’s day is coming, he’s going to lose all of the clout and respect he earned. It starts with us, the fans, the public, “his bosses”. The more he aligns himself with Amber the quicker we are all turning away.
    But I suppose he can laugh all the way to the bank, he’s already gotten all of out stupid money!!! In the end that is all he thinks of us, every autograph session was just to keep us in his corner, keep us spending our money, keep him employed.
    If any of Johnny’s people check in here, you can tell him, he’s losing us, the people that believed in him, cared and supported him. The people who paid for his staff and paid for the future of his kids. I am shutting down my website, I will not be forced to appear to accept Johnny’s behavior and I will NOT be forced to include pictures of that no talent bitch just because she is standing next to Johnny. I won’t give her ANY face time and no PR.

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