Amber Heard’s Relationships DO Overlap

22 Aug

In the recent article/interview Amber stated her relationships have never overlapped. (The Edit Magazine interview)

I present the proof she lies as usual:


Who has Amber Heard Dated?
Amber Dated Chrispin Glover 2007-2008. What’s significant about this? Well it was before The Rum Diary for one. #2. Chrispin was in the movie “Dead Man” with Johnny Depp back in 1995. He was also in Alice In Wonderland with Johnny in 2010. Hey, at some point if you are around people that know Johnny you’re gonna run into Johnny. If you do one movie with him you’re pretty much guaranteed a second.

In April 2009 a rumor surfaced that Amber Heard was engaged or dating producer Arthur Wybrands. (Supposably this lasted from April until August) her rep at Hyler management shut it down immediately to protect their privacy. Some seem to think that is because she was dating Tasya Van Ree starting in 2008. Uh oh. Relationships overlapping!

Then we have Amber sneaking into the back of Johnny Depp’s SUV in June 2012. Only a few days after his official announcement of a split from Vanessa, yet two days BEFORE Amber and Tasya officially announce they are no longer together. What? What is that you say? Maybe both couples were over before they announced it and there fore the relationship didn’t overlap?

Amber is seen wearing Johnny Depps t shirt and flannel, January 2012. 5 months BEFORE the splits were announced. Rumors of Amber lap dancing on the set of The Rum Diary in 2009, and the above information about dating other or (causually F***ing) other people while with Tasya. Seems to me that her relationships have overlapped. Let’s not forget that she was seen kissing Francesca Gregorini in 2012 as well.(some people have said this was staged. Well then, it sure doesn’t give much credibility to never overlapping relationships staged or not)

Also do not forget her lunch date with a certain movie star that coincided with his break up from Scarlet Jo.



Needless to say, Amber did overlap her “relationship” from Tasya to Johnny. Had to, how else did it happen? LOL


Amber Heard is trying to back track on some of her behavior. The sad thing is some people will just now be listening since she is with Johnny Depp, however when they get curious and start to google here they are bound to find this blog. Full of facts that we have noticed and placed here for others to read and see. Sometimes we do a little assuming. We speculate but one thing: we haven’t said the things that are coming back to haunt Amber Heard. She did that herself.


6 Responses to “Amber Heard’s Relationships DO Overlap”

  1. Karla August 22, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    She must think we are stupid.

    • jambernews August 22, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

      She calls us “regular folks” so she said in another interview.

  2. Karla August 23, 2013 at 7:11 am #

    Why would TVR put up with all of this? To me it proves their relationship was publicity stunt. I hope gay people never pay money to see her movies.

  3. jawaka August 23, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

    I also think that was a publicity stunt, Karla. She seems to be the only person around who thinks her bisexuality is amazing. She hopes she’s shocking people by mentioning it constantly, but we’re all just yawning.

  4. Rex August 27, 2013 at 7:11 am #

    Sorry Jamber, but how can you talk of overlapped relationships if you don’t have any proof about it but only rumours? I mean, maybe you’re not well informed but Amber never dated Crispin Glover. They just did a movie together where she had a very small role, that’s why they were at the premiere together and Amber denied later rumours saying that they were only friends and that she never dated him and they were never seen together indeed except during the premiere days. Then there’s no proof at all she dated Arthur Wybrands. You wanna know why her rep asked to respect her privacy avoiding of responding? Because she was in alesbian relationship and she hadn’t come out yet at the time, so maybe her team thought the Wybrands thing was a good publicity to hide what she was really doing. Her team didn’t want her to tell she was dating a woman at the time, that’s why they avoided of denying rumours but also of confirming them. They were good for her anyway but there’s neither a picture of the two together. How come? There aren’t even info on Arthur Wybrands anywhere (like who is it, age and other personal info I mean) and some people suggested it was a fictional character invented by a myth maniac. And even if Amber was seen with him so sometimes in past, so what? She has been seen also with her agent lately but that doesn’t mean they were dating, they could be friends. I mean, there’s neither one proof that Amber knew and dated Arthur Wybrands and unless you have this proof, you shouldn’t say that Amber had a relationship with him while dating Tasya. There’s not even evidence that Amber started to date Johnny when he was still with Vanessa and Amber still with Tasya. It was rumoured since 2010 that Johnny was in crisis with Vanessa cheating on her with some mermaids on the set of Pirates of Carribbean 4 and it has been largely rumoured (even from People magazine that it isn’t a gossip tabloid) that they split and started to live separated lives long before January 2012 and you know, People magazines doesn’t write bullshit or gossip stories because they often have interviews with reliable celebrity’s sources. Vanessa wasn’t wearing her ring anymore since October 2011 and she has never been seen anymore with him since November of the same year. No matter if they denied of having split because they were just hiding the truth only to have enough time to promote their respective movies that were coming out like ‘A monster in Paris’ and ‘Dark shadows’. As soon as the promotional period was over indeed, they formalized the split. Do you really buy that they were still together in January 2012 when everybody close to them were telling that they were living separate lives since long already? Even People magazine stated this story and persisting rumours about the fact they were separated started already in October 2011, so again there’s still no proof that Amber dated him when he was still dating Vanessa as there’s no proof that Amber was still dating Tasya because during The rum diary premieres she was always alone, Tasya was nowhere to be seen with her. How come? Tasya was always seen with her during public events since Amber coming out. Tasya was even seen with Amber when she went to Public Enemies premiere, while during The rum diary premiere in LA she was absent and Amber wasn’t even wearing her ring anymore if you pay attention. It was so evident that she was single and indeed there were persisting rumours about the fact that her and Tasya had split some time before THe rum diary promotional period. Tasya was seen with Amber sometimes in 2012 it’s true, but do you have proof that they were still a couple? Tabloids indeed didn’t talk about them as a couple. They started to tell that Tasya and Amber remained friends and that Amber was seeing Johnny Depp and I think it’s true because if Amber dumped Tasya for Johnny, do you really buy that Tasya would have agreed to be her friend? Or that she would have helped her to serve as a decoy when Amber couldn’t let public know what she was really doing? Indeed, as soon some clues about the fact that Amber was dating Johnny appeared on web, Amber called paparazzi to be seen again with Tasya to confuse media. Do you think that Tasya didn’t know the game? And if she agreed to help Amber that means only one thing: Tasya and Amber were still friends and Amber never did anything that hurt Tasya like cheating on her, otherwise Tasya wouldn’t be still her friend. Then it’s not true at all that Amber and Tasya officially announced their split. It never happened. They never made any official statement about the fact they were no longer together. It was just tabloids and several sites that started to tell they’ve split, but nobody knows the exact day of their separation because they never officially told they were no longer a couple. There were spread only rumours about that first in November when Amber was seeing hanging out with Francesca Gregorini and later in June, but they weren’t official statements, so don’t confuse rumours told by tabloids with official statements because there’s a big difference. Amber nor Tasya never formalized when they broke up, so nobody has evidence that she cheated on Tasya, but again, facts prove the contrary because they remained good friends since the first day after they split… and about Francesca Gregorini I think that possibilities are 2: Francesca was a decoy for Amber as also Tasya and Marie de Villpein were for a while to help her hiding whom she was really dating, so maybe the truth is that Amber didn’t have anything for real with Francesca and it was a staged meeting as it looked like indeed since their kissing seemed highly staged to many people OR maybe Johnny and Amber just fu*ked once or twice during The rum diary promotional period and he told her that he didn’t want at the moment any serious relationship or any kind of commitment, so that’s why Amber was seeing other people, because maybe Johnny didn’t want a relationship with her yet.

    Sorry for the long post but sometimes things that are written here are exaggerated. I don’t wanna defend Amber, but there’s no proof for real that she had any overlapped relationship because of the reasons that I’ve just mentioned. Please, just think about them.

    • jambernews August 28, 2013 at 1:45 am #

      Jesus Christ I didn’t read all this. Condense man!!!

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