Amber Caught in ANOTHER LIE

22 Aug

Remember “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”? The 1993 movie Johnny Depp did so well in? It was filmed in (courtesy of Imdb)

Austin, Texas, USA

Georgetown, Texas, USA  (The Foodland grocery store is at the intersection of I-35 and Tx State Highway 29)
Anyway. In the Net-A-Porter article/interview with Amber Heard (Sept 2013) Amber was said to have been from Manor, Texas as a matter of fact she said the following:
Amber is not and has not ever, I REPEAT EVER lived in Manor,Texas.  I can prove it too, but before I do that can we please add this “coming from” Manor Texas to her list of things that she has done to connect herself to Johnny. Johnny had spent time there in 1993 while filming. Just another thing Amber Heard is doing to try and make it seem like she has so many things in common with Johnny Depp. Let’s look at some proof. First we have her birth record:
Now let’s look at where her birthplace Is located:
Born and raised in Austin. Actually living in a suburb of Austin called Round Rock. We can see she isn’t from Manor, and she was not as she claimed in yet another interview from “the middle of nowhere”  the middle of nowhere is the little town in Kentucky that Johnny Depp was born in. Now did she ever live in Manor at all??? No. Here is the proof. Taken from it lists cities lived in. The only thing it may not list is current city if it hasn’t been updated yet.



Sorry about the quality there. You can see where her mother, sister, and she has lived in Texas. Same for her father David, but it got redundant. You can go look him up for yourself. Same shit. Oh and he was born in 1950 he’s 63 so Johnny is closer to his age than Amber is to Johnny’s age.

Just for the hell of it, if you want to know the real truth about her. Below you can find her family ancestry.

Caught in another lie. OH and did you see all the alternative last names Amber has used? Ms. Van Ree’s name is on there. I guess that relationship might have been real after all, so BANG GOES THAT THEORY to those that tried to say it wasn’t real.

Birth Name: Amber Laura Heardwhitney

Birthplace: April 22, 1986

Date of Birth: Austin, Texas, U.S.

Race or Ethnicity: Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), English, Scottish, German

Amber Heard is an American actress. She is known for her role as Greta Matthews on the show Hidden Palms.

Her father’s ancestry includes Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), English, Scottish, and German. Much of her family has lived in the United States for many generations.

Amber’s father’s line traces back to a Stephen Heard, who was born c. 1715, in Ulster, Tyrone, Ireland.

Amber’s paternal grandparents were Harlin Clinton Heard (the son of John Turner Heard and Luller or Lula Bell Dobbs) and Wanda Edelweiss Mcgee (also spelled Magee, the daughter of William Magee and Edna Ethel Roach).

Genealogy of Amber’s father (focusing on his own mother’s side) –

Obituary of Amber’s father’s sister, Amber Suzanne (Heard) Robison (1946 – 2010) –

Amber’s paternal grandfather, Harlin Clinton Heard, on the 1930 U.S. Census –

Genealogy of Amber’s paternal grandfather, Harlin Clinton Heard –

Genealogy of Amber’s paternal great-great-grandfather, David Chandler Roach –


7 Responses to “Amber Caught in ANOTHER LIE”

  1. fromhertoeternity2721 August 23, 2013 at 12:44 am #

    Son, give it a rest.

    • jambernews August 23, 2013 at 3:34 pm #

      Why? You don’t want people to know Amber is a liar and a fake and superficial? Too Late. I’m not doing anything she’s doing this all on her own. You give it a rest and read elsewhere if you don’t like it. That simple. Bullshit eaters anonymous is somewhere else. Not here.

    • AmberWHO? August 27, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

      Are we trying to sound like an erstwhile Captain Jack??? Not buying it!!!

      This blog and the site that is being created to support it, is about not believing the media and PR bullshit. And this particular relationship is FULL of it.

      Don’t let corporate media dictate to you what THEY want you to believe is true. Read, put things together in your own mind, think for yourself. Any intelligent person will see the truth, if they choose to look.

      Ironically, THAT’S what I got out of the Rum Diary. So it’s fitting to use this relationship to expose the truth. HST was a genius! And somewhere, he’s crying over this and trying to tell his friend, Johnny (perhaps through us) that he needs to get out in order to save himself.

  2. Bread August 23, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

    Look, you can be right but….. it wasn’t Amber though that told of being from Manor. Did you have evidence that she stated it personally? I don’t want to defend her, but it was the magazine that wrote it and maybe she didn’t pay attention about it. It’s not the first time that a magazine wrote wrong information about celebrities, come on and celebrities don’t correct magazines everytime. Sometimes they just don’t mind.

    • jambernews August 23, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

      I suggest she correct it then. Otherwise it appears like just another attempt by her to have something else in common with johnny Depp. Besides, this isn’t the first time she’s lied. She can’t seem to get her stories straight. (NYC,L.A. Etc)

      • AmberWHO? August 25, 2013 at 11:30 pm #

        Let’s see, Gilbert Grape was filmed around 1992, released in 1993, so Amber was around 6 or 7 years old, Johnny was around 30. Why can’t this man see how WRONG this is.

        Plus, she using him pure and simple. It’s pretty obvious since now a movie she made 7 years ago is just NOW getting a US release. See, hook up with Johnny and all of a sudden you become relevant. Of course the reason it was not released at the time, according the the Wall Street Journal, is that original producer hated Amber’s performance, it was sold to the Weinsteins, Bob and Harvey. Bob liked Amber and gave her another movie that tanked, so they never released it. It got sold a couple more times and now the Weinsteins have it again. You know the Weinsteins, the ones who buried an amazing performance by Johnny in The Libertine, arguably one of his best. I’m thinking Johnny used some of his clout and convinced the Weinsteins to help out his oldest daughter’s career. You know, I’ll forgive you for burying The Libertine, if you help out my trophies career.

        I may have gotten some of the property sales wrong, but you can read it here:

  3. jawaka August 23, 2013 at 8:32 pm #

    Don’t those magazines get information (i.e. background information) from the celebrities’ PR people before they interview them? I was a reporter for a newspaper a while back and we used to get all kinds of stuff like that prior to an interview/article. So, for some reason, her PR team wants people to think Amber is from Manor. Maybe it’s so that she doesn’t look like a big liar about her “nothing from nowhere/small minded victimization.” When people find out she’s from Austin, they don’t buy her story.

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