Johnny Depp Losing Fans.

28 Jul


Is Johnny’s popularity waning a bit? Perhaps. Is he losing fans? Yes.

It’s true Johnny has been doing a little better with overseas fans than here in the United States, but even so many overseas long time fans are rethinking their love and admiration for Depp. Why? It’s simple. Fans feel like they have been duped. They also are tired of seeing Johnny Depp play the same kind of character over and over.

Fans have loved Johnny because Johnny Depp has always seemed different from the “other guys” in Hollywood. Sure Johnny had his time being a wild party guy. A rebel. Then things changed, and even Johnny said they changed. He fell in love with Vanessa Paradis and had two children. He became for us and through is own words a family man.  A bright shining example for young people. Johnny did a poster child for “Rags to Riches” yet he was still down to earth, and real. He may not have been a blockbuster boy but his movies were interesting and artistic. Then came Pirates. From there Johnny’s movies have been a campy, quirky comedy that seems to have Captain Jack Sparrow characteristic in all of his characters, The Mad Hatter, Barnabas Collins, Tonto.

He crushed his family man image when the world found out he and Vanessa called it quits, and he was rumored to be dating Amber Heard, but he kept it a secret. Never formalizing his (at the very least) 2 year-long affair with ‘actress’ Amber Heard. The family man, good man, intelligent man image was shattered. fans were left scratching their heads wondering what was going on. How can you do a 180 like that? Many wondered if he drastically changed or if he was always this way and hid behind a facade of PR (family man image).

Admirers around the world witnessed Johnny falling down drunk on sidewalks and being walked to his car with bodyguard support from being intoxicated. Now Johnny is dating a woman closer to his daughter’s age than his own. He still publically doesn’t show or look like he’s in love with his new girlfriend, and no body cares. Thousands of people could care less if Johnny succeeds in his new relationship because they have lost their respect for Johnny Depp. He could put a ring on it, and they still wouldn’t care. They just don’t believe him any more. Every girl is “the” girl to Johnny. Every new girlfriend is the “soulmate”.

I’m sure it would have been different if Johnny would never have confirmed that he was an upstanding man, a good family man, and he celebrated that fact. Instead he did confirm those things and spoke of them often. All the while his fans waited for another artistic movie. His pre-POTC films.


Many are left confused. These people who pay Johnny Depp the “stupid” money aren’t the execs. They are you and me. We pay his salary. We are as Depp said, “His bosses” I think the only thing one can see that hasn’t wavered about Johnny is his long-lasting, ” I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks.”  attitude, and it shows. Not only in his personal life, but in his films as well.

That is why. These are the reasons Johnny Depp is losing his popularity. The number one reason is his choice in film material. The second is his tarnished, tainted, family man image. He still has a chance to redeem himself when it comes to his work. I’m afraid the second is history now.



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  1. gabbi July 29, 2013 at 1:20 am #

    Anyone who judges Johnny on his personal life was never a fan to begin with. The problem is people wanted to believe Johnny is something more than what he really is, which is just a man, a real man like most other men with the same needs and desires. People wanted to believe they had this golden relationship, like some kind of Hollywood royalty couple but failed to realize every relationship has its problems especially when both are celebrities in their own countries which causes them to spend long times apart and which eventually caused the demise of the relationship. People need to accept that and get on with their lives just like Johnny and Vanessa are doing right now and stop judging. They have both come out and said they still love and respect each other, whether that is true or not so let’s just leave it at that and stop the nonsense.

    • jambernews July 29, 2013 at 3:09 am #


      Thanks for being one sided and blind. Johnny, I repeat JOHNNY is the one that led the public to believe he had some golden relationship. He led his fans to believe he was a family man and valued that. No one, and I repeat again, NO ONE has done any unfair judging and no one has held Johnny Depp up to standards that he didn’t already place there himself. he is the one that said things, and then he contradicted himself. Now as far as nonsense goes, you can stop acting as if cheating,hiding a relationship,and going against one’s word is alright to do. At some point people are going to get tired of it, and it looks as though people are getting tired of it, and that it is Johnny Depp’s fake facade he led many people to believe in for years. There’s something you can accept and get on with your life. There is no one side or the other here. If one says what you’ve said, you must be able to look at the whole picture. That picture includes as you stated,Just a man, and as long as Johnny Depp is just a man, then he has faults. However that doesn’t mean he should get away with being a liar, or a cheat. I don’t care who it is in question.

  2. gabbi July 29, 2013 at 1:25 am #

    And by the way, Johnny didn’t say he doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks, he said he doesn’t give a rats about what the AMERICAN JOURNALISTS think. Get your facts straight before you publish things incorrectly.

    • jambernews July 29, 2013 at 3:17 am #


      Your ignorance is showing. The quote Johnny gave was in reference to a student asking about acting. It was during the Actor’s studio interview. Here is the quote, ““Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.” Anybody- means anyone – somebody – someone – any – whoever – everyone. Not just journalists. Now moving on. Get my facts straight before I publish things incorrectly? Your last comment shows that you need to follow your own advice. I realize you are a Johnny Depp fan, and that you will love him no matter what he does. Fine. However you are the reason that anyone, someone, regular person, celebrity can get away with behavior that isn’t a good example for our youth and the reason they keep behaving that way. We place them on a pedestal and we ignore their behavior. More than that though, Johnny Depp started seeing Amber Heard before he made an official announcement of being split from Vanessa. Disrespectful to the mother of your children. Johnny Depp can not get out of a relationship without having another one already lined up. Johnny Depp passes out on a toilet during an interview. Johnny Depp fell down drunk on the street while the world witnessed. Johnny Depp said he had not had a drink in over 18 months, yet in Feb he came out of Pete’s tavern lit like a Christmas tree, and has had several photos taken of him drinking in the last month. Now who has facts and who wants to turn a blind eye? Thanks for your comments Gabbi, but no dice. Depp is self destructive and he helped to ruin a good thing. Amber Heard is no better. You have your opinions and the rest of the fans have theirs.

  3. SilentNight700 July 29, 2013 at 1:26 am #

    You can do it, J. I know it’s in you.

  4. jambernews July 29, 2013 at 3:18 am #

    I agree silent. he really could and should. He just needs to want to.

  5. Maggie July 29, 2013 at 6:35 am #

    Andy you need to put that one on the answers page lol

  6. AmberWHO? July 29, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    I AM a Johnny fan and there is a part of me that WANTS to still believe that image. BUT I also want the truth. I am a person that values honesty. My belief is that the family man IS a part of him, but only one part and perhaps a part that was to some degree forced on him. But he is also all of the other things we are now seeing. The lies come from PR, but he is at fault for going along with it. All celebs are coached and rehearsed to answer interview questions, that’s why the answers are always the same and often said using very similar words.
    Johnny will never be able to come out and tell the COMPLETE truth. But I do believe that he throws in little snippets now and then and we get a glimpse of the real person, such as him stating that he lies for a living. While most people see that as a description of his acting, part of that living is the interviews he has to give and I believe he does want to be honest to some degree, but total honesty is out of his reach.
    And at some point you have to realize that much of the lies may not be from him or his own PR, we also have to consider what role the House of Mouse plays in his PR. Let’s face it the paychecks are a motivator, whether he needs the money or not.
    I know that in some respects I am being naive, I DO want to believe in Johnny as a man, not as a celebrity and not on a pedestal. I can accept his faults and even the lies, but I won’t accept him hiding behind the lies or allowing himself to be used for someone else’s gain. Going back to the interview from Inside the Actor’s Studio, to paraphrase, if someone has their hands all over you and is forcing you toward something you don’t want, you need to be willing to fight back. He credits his own mother with giving him that advice.

    • jambernews July 29, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

      well said AmberWho

  7. Hailee July 30, 2013 at 6:19 am #

    Interesting Photo Series, Isn’t it?

    • jambernews July 30, 2013 at 7:10 am #

      I think so. Body language says a lot.

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