It’s Quiet

26 Jul



Nothing – we haven’t seen Amber Heard, Johnny, or Brittany since the 23rd of July.  As a matter of fact Brittany’s twitter has been silent since July 23rd. Which is strange because she was the one posting photos of everywhere they went and the cities they were in.

I guess they didn’t want everyone to know they  went back to the United States after dropping the children off in France. Everyone is silent. After all the spectacle it’s time to sit back, and let the publicity do it’s work. (Pssst Amber’s movie is being advertised now. At least this go around people might know who she is due to The Lone Ranger premiers.)

Keep an eye out for which one of them pops up first, and what they are doing.


One Response to “It’s Quiet”

  1. diya67 July 31, 2013 at 7:29 am #

    I knew she would disappear, nothing seen since the promo tour. Gone back into hiding????

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