Johnny the Diva?

22 Jul

While interviewed during the Lone Ranger premiere in London and asked about The Lone Ranger not doing so well Johnny said and I am paraphrasing here. He didn’t care because he never had any expectations  We get that, we really do. You don’t have to even tell us. Every time you do a movie now we kinda know the character before we even see the film. Maybe YOU SHOULD start expecting Johnny because you’re starting to sound like a diva. Maybe being hard to live with isn’t that far from a very vivid reality. The side of Johnny few have seen. It’s starting to show. Perhaps he’s been reading Ayn Rand and has started to be more selfish. Then again this started before Amber Heard so maybe he’s had that part down pat for a while.

After all when he entered the restaurant in Berlin a guard put out Johnny’s cigg for him.

It does seem it’s gotten a bit worse. Johnny didn’t show that side of himself in public very often before Heard came into the picture. Are we being too hard on Depp? Maybe we are and these are the true colors that have always been him. He’s finally letting them show for all to see because he really doesn’t want to play and put up a front any longer. Now we have videos and picture of Johnny drunk or still drinking. He has never stopped.

He is “self medicating” why? Is it due to depression or pressure or guilt? Maybe all of the above. Or Maybe it’s because Johnny likes to drink. Rolling Stones Magazine stated he didn’t consider himself an alcoholic. I would have to disagree. He’s a 50 year young man and he’s stumbling around. He’s trying to hang on and go back to his 90’s self. It’s sad. It’s disgusting, and it’s old. He knows what he’s doing. He might not be drunk for days at a time like he was back then, but apparently it’s still an issue. No one should drink to get drunk. The frat and sorority houses are long gone. So are the teens and early 20’s Johnny. Wake up man. Lest you be subjected to this horrid bit of acting for eternity. What kind of hell do you choose guy?

A girl who plays in a movie called Drive Angry and on the back of the car she drives it says:



I guess until he wakes up he can…….



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  1. karma July 22, 2013 at 4:34 am #

    He is contradicting himself. He said he wanted to give something back to Native Americans, that they had been portrayed wrong so far and that he wanted to change that. Sounds rather personal to me, let alone him telling us that he has some NA blood himself. I don’t buy that he doesn’t care, i think it’s his way to not let things get to close to him and affect him.

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