Family? No.

21 Jul


Here’s my rant. First off I don’t know why Amber was touching one of Johnny’s kids. I don’t care if they have been seeing each other a year and she’s been around the kids. You don’t go from being secret about each other to letting the ho touch your kids without any warning or warming up in the public mind. “It’s none of our business. If Johnny is okay with it then we all should be.” Um no. Not no but F*** no. He gave up some of his “privacy” when he decided to be an actor and take stupid money. If he wants any chance of Amber Heard the home wrecker ever being liked he’d better have his PR team and have the balls himself to tell her “Little by little dumbass”   Yet they keep things secret and hide things (again Amber’s quote on hiding things rings in my ear) and then BAM she’s touching and hanging on his kid. He’s letting the paps get photos of his children. Lost his sanity in a magnetic C***. That’s what it amounts to. No amount of Amber Heard putting her arm around one of his kids, going to dinner, or reaching her arm across his shoulder is enough to convince me she didn’t have this planned for years and it’s not enough to tell me Johnny is in love with her. Bullshit. Once again Johnny is merely in lust and will he ever be IN LOVE?  Probably not.

He’s a huge disappointment. I think he’s getting it now. The man who didn’t care much what people thought of his movies, so much so he never had a comment about them. Now he comments saying he doesn’t give a rats if it’s not doing well. Oh Johnny you’re transparent. Honestly we don’t care if your kids liked the movie. We’re getting tired of seeing you act like a clown in make up. It’s almost as if you’re changing into Amber Heard. You Johnny, once said you’d like to believe in God, now you said recently maybe after death it’s nothing but dirt and worms. Sounds like Amber’s beliefs. You don’t seem to mind the kids getting photographed. Well we all know Amber loves her photo taken. You said you learned not to be a dumb-ass. Wrong. People have said you were a good judge of character. No you’re not. If it’s this easy for us to put two and two together what is wrong with you? Is this merely a physical relationship? Does she have you believing she’s really in love with you?

Amber can’t act. She’s been taking acting lessons, at least she was in 2009-2010 and still – NO. It’s not helping. The conceited sh** said she couldn’t get roles because of her looks. We all know Johnny will do what Johnny will do but this is a true show of character. Birds of a feather.



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  1. Michael July 21, 2013 at 3:20 am #

    I totally agree with you! And I’m sure that Johnny won’t be the same anymore.

  2. 3 deez July 21, 2013 at 5:06 am #

    A good parent wouldn’t want their kids around someone who publicly states she likes to do drugs, and who is such a poor example in so many ways. The kids are on this tour with him, but he doesn’t even seem to be acknowledging them, except for looking back at his son when getting off the plane.

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