WT_?? Has He Lost It?

20 Jul


Edit Add: Alright I’ve been working on this post all morning.

What in the world is going on? I find it so damn funny that it’s more than obvious that Amber Heard has finagled her way into Johnny’s life. It’s obvious she has wanted this for years. Many years before meeting Johnny Depp. It’s clear through many of the posts here combined with information that Amber had an agenda for some time. Johnny was in an unhappy relationship for whatever reason.

He keep Amber a secret for how long? At LEAST a year. Then out of nowhere he isn’t just seen jet setting with her around the world for The Lone Ranger, oh no. We go from “we don’t want to talk about our relationship, verbally make it official, to Amber Heard wrapping her arms around Jack. Johnny’s son.  She goes from a submissive body language in the back of the SUV at AGO restaurant to Miss Mommie in Japan. What the F*** is that all about?  Then in Berlin she makes she she doesn’t touch the children. Okay. Seriously. Which one of them needs medication?

Come on Johnny – you hid her for over a year then WHAM, she’s mommie material? Something isn’t right and at this point it would serve him right if he did get her preggers. LOL Another possible lengthy relationship that is bad from the beginning. This man just doesn’t learn. What is extremely disappointing is that with things coming to light he appears to have always been looking for “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”  The man is dating a 27 year old. We’ve seen from her own words how she is and what she is about. THIS is the kind of character traits Johnny Depp finds attractive? Can’t be. He’s taken with the outer shell. Please tell me that’s what it is, because at this point it’s his only saving grace because I do not want to think he is attracted to the qualities this girl exudes.

Johnny has done a 180 and not just with separating from Vanessa. Even Kate Moss had more going for her. This is a little strange and I understand a man can go a little crazy after being in a relationship for over a decade, but this screaming mid life crisis, and now he has to do damage control.

I’m disgusted too, as is Andy. The kids are out there after so many years of being protected. To do what?????? Be seen with Daddy while he’s promoting The Lone Ranger? Don’t we all wish. Wouldn’t that be nice if that were the case? Well, think what you want but it’s not. They are there to make Amber Heard look okay. They are there to play down the rumors that Vanessa doesn’t like her, doesn’t like her being around the children, and they are there to make Amber seem like less of a homewrecker.

Well Johnny do what you must, and have your PR team do what they must, but she will always be seen for what she was and is. No matter how hard you try to show you’re okay with being around her – it’s obvious there is tension. It’s obvious how hard you are trying.


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  1. SilentNight700 July 20, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    If this is the stuff he’s hearing(and I’m sure someone is keeping him posted) …I guess the next thing is on his mind to do is jump off a bridge(heaven forbid). He’s really dug himself deep, to the point of no return. You’re right about the US being more direct. He hasn’t been hearing it much from over there …But when he gets back in the states? …*smh*

    This(confrontational/aggressive) change is noticed. Did I call that or what?

  2. AmberWHO? July 20, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    OK, here’s ANOTHER twist. So Johnny’s in Berlin and after the past week of showing the kids off. He’s doing what he used to do and stands on the street talking with the paps so that they don’t photograph the kids or Amber. If you look at the pictures of just him they are sneaking into the vehicle to the back left of the picture. Someone is either keeping him posted on how angry everyone is that he’s been exploiting his children this past week OR Vanessa has seen these photos contacted him and bitched him out. I hope she did.

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