Questionable Vanessa Paradis Interview July 2013

20 Jul


Translated by a fan. This excerpt taken from another Johnny Depp fan site.

(Original interview is in Italian)

Vanessa Paradis: “With Johnny (Depp) is over, but I would do it all over again”
The French actress and singer speaks for the first time in Vanity Make the separation

“When he finishes a love, you think back to the time we spent together, the taste of his lips, his sweat and his fever. Remember tenacious of his body indecent . ” You Vanessa Paradis who, Plus d’amour lyrics (his last piece songwriter, contained in the double album of love songs Love Song, ed), sings a farewell. And for the first time, one year after separation by Johnny Depp and exclusively for Vanity Fair , which devotes the cover of the current issue on Wednesday 17 July, officially spoken of their farewell. ” He knows what I really want at this time of transition? I moved to Italy. I want your sun, your colors, your joy. I’m fine, and if I make a budget of my first 40 years (have committed them on December 22, note) I can only congratulate myself. I had so much in life: success, love, two beautiful children. There is nothing of which I repent, I have no regrets, and if I could go back I would do it all over again. I was lucky to meet Johnny, to spend wonderful years with him. We were happy, and that I will never forget . ” Needless to ask her to go into details. “Our separation was treated as if it were an affair of state. But Johnny has never been president, and I’ve never been first lady. I do not understand why we should explain to the world what has happened between us. We are not a model, we have a duty to lead by example. We are artists, and an artist only has the task to please his audience, for the space of a movie or a song ” .

Your however, was a special case. Formavate a couple who many thought was perfect, and when they felt the desire to identify .
“We’ve been photographed together since we were together, we did normal things and we had the normal problems, like not love each other anymore. But I prefer to tell the future, not the past. ”
In the future there is Fading Gigolo , the film by John Turturro. Really has seduced Woody Allen?
‘I do not know if I could seduce him, certainly I tried. And not only on set, I followed him outside, around New York. Every week I went to hear him play the clarinet at the Carlyle, I talked about music, my songs, my passions. I had a great feeling with him. ”
In New York, he had lived as a young girl.
What effect did it come back?
‘Beautiful: is the city where I have always wanted to live. I was 19 when I got there the first time, I wanted to stay there forever, but it turned out that I lived there only three years. Why then I met Johnny, and fate made ​​me change direction. ” (The full interview on the number 29 of Vanity Fair on newsstands Wednesday, July 17)

However, since the above is questionable – unless someone can prove to me that it was an exclusive interview. Please take time to read this great interview that has been confirmed:


10 Responses to “Questionable Vanessa Paradis Interview July 2013”

  1. Michael July 20, 2013 at 10:05 am #

    Umh, well I can tell that Vanessa is quite incoherent after all. Talking about her life with Johnny in this interview she told: “we were happy, and that I will never forget” while in one of her first interview after the split in 2012 she told something like she was in love with him but also unhappy with him since the beginning….. wow, she changed her mind and version of facts now? It can’t be two things at the same time: was she happy with him or not? She can’t tell once that she was unhappy since the beginning with him and now tell that she doesn’t regret anything because they were happy together…. I’m starting to think that she agreed to help Johnny about cleaning his image. He probably worried about the failure of his last mvoie at the box offfice and asked her to tell nice things in interview that chould have helped him to rebuild a pleasing image. Now Vanessa is rumoured of dating someone else and maybe she’s happy and that’s why she agreed to make people see things on a better light. Vanessa changed her version of facts, nobody can’t deny that and she sounds happy and relaxed in this interview while in all her former interviews she sounded quite bitter and disappointed, so…. wow, also Vanessa now is taking part in the game of “saving Johnny reputation”. She most likely agreed to let him using their children to get some good publicity because it’s not possible that she isn’t aware of this. So even her isn’t so much better than him about hollywoodian tricks planned to win public sympathy.

  2. Maggie July 20, 2013 at 10:10 am #

    No kidding! She did change her story! WOW. You don’t think they are still seeing each other every so often do you? With what Johnny has said during press interviews about Vanessa lately? Whoa.

  3. Michael July 20, 2013 at 10:42 am #

    Maggie, are you dreaming!! Vanessa and johnny could only be in good terms and nothing more. Johnny found his soul mate with Amber maybe since he must be for open relationship and maybe for threesome, that’s why he’s okay about Amber hanging out so often with women. Do you see he’s jealous of all Amber’s female friends? No, at all and if he was monogamous he should be jealous especially because he knows she’s bisexual, but he’s maybe the one who introduce women to her (he was rumoured of introducing to her Marie de Villepin indeed and Marie is rumoured of being bisexual too since there’s evidence she dated men in past and rumours that she also dated women). Amber has a ring on her finger and he introduced her to his children, now he’s not hiding anymore and he also walks hand in hand with her in public waving at him with no fear, so wow, these are all clues that something is improving in their relationship because when you have just a fling with a woman or if you are just fucking with her, you don’t introduce her to your children. I really think that having a girlfriend whom he could have an open relationship and whom making threesome was what he always dreamt of. Now he got it and the proof is here: Amber necessity of being often around women doesn’t bother him at all because we can see since last year he’s okay with that. Johnny has another life now, this is real personality and nature, deal with it and Vanessa moved on with her life, Maggie. She’s rumoured of dating someone else now, so her and Johnny won’t be anymore together as couple, forget about this.

    • jambernews July 20, 2013 at 11:03 am #

      Oh I don’t know about everything you just said. Sure it might be a good thing for him right now, but a soulmate? Hardly. Amber isn’t Johnny’s soulmate. Then again, every girl is Johnny’s soulmate all you have to do is read back over all the times Johnny said this about every single girlfriend he’s had. No, Amber is not a soulmate and yes he is just fucking her. I don’t care that he introduced her to his kids, and I don’t care if the man puts a “ring on it” he’ll be over her soon enough, OR she’ll be over him. Like Vanessa said,”The exotic will wear off and Johnny will tire of her.”

  4. B July 20, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    i wonder if she has seen Amber drape herself over kids like they are her own?
    maybe her tone wouldn’t be so conciliatory?

  5. AmberWHO? July 20, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

    I think being a translation, the he’s and she’s are getting a little mixed up here.
    What believe Vanessa is saying is that they were in love, but also had some bad times. just like most relationships. As time went on the bad times got more and more frequent. I don’t think she’s lying or changing her tune. I think she stayed with him and love him for as long as she could.
    Also, time gives perspective, when a woman ends a relationship with a man, he’s at first the evil being. But after a while you do forget a lot of the bad and remember the good. It’s part of the healing process.

  6. 3 deez July 20, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    To me she sounds wistful.

  7. Michael July 21, 2013 at 3:56 am #

    Why one of my comments wasn’t published? 😦

    • jambernews July 21, 2013 at 4:16 am #

      Sometimes they are overlooked in the multitude of posts, and we’ve had a couple not post at all(glitch) I’ll look for it though.

  8. gabbi July 24, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    Vanesssa never said she was unhappy from the beginning. She said if something doesn’t work then don’t push it. Johnny himself even said he had two sides – one that wanted to be the stay at home family man and the other who wanted to go out and party. Vanessa I am sure had her share of heartache but she also lived a wonderful life in the good times so it seems she may want to just reflect on that now instead of the bad times so that she can move on with her life in a positive way.

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