Taking a look at the Jamber Timeline

10 Jul

Alright. I do have a timeline link here on the blog, but I haven’t added anything to it recently. Let’s take a look at what we know and what’s been rumored.

Amber Heard writes letters and really works to get an audition for The Rum Diary. This had to start in 2008. Filming started in 2009. March I believe.

Amber attends the Public Enemies premiere. June 2009. She attends with girlfriend Tasya Van Ree

Vanessa and Johnny were last seen together at a public event in 2010. I think this was December. If I’m wrong someone let me know.

Now remember Amber Heard dates another man or two during all of this. Thus that means she either cheated on Tasya or they had/have and open relationship.

August 2011 Johnny and Vanessa are seen on his boat with the kids and they exchange a kiss. They also left in seperate boats/vehicles when the outing was over.

In November of 2011 Johnny is filmed by paparazzi falling down drunk on a sidewalk and also drunk signing autographs coming out of a club.

November 2011 is also The Rum Diary premiere times.

January 2012 Amber is seen wearing Johnny’s clothing. Later on in the year she is with him in Creede, CO and that is 7 days after the official split from Vanessa is made, and several days before her official split from Tasya is made. (Don’t forget the “horse” was already bought for Amber before this)

I could keep going but most of us know the timeline of events give or take a few. My point is this. IF and it’s a big IF – Johnny and Amber had feelings for each other from 2009 on – which it does appear they were interested, even though Johnny showed he was trying to keep a relationship that had been over since late 2010.

IF this is true – Johnny didn’t want to go public with Amber because of settling his 14 year relationship and letting the kids deal with the adjustment. Fair enough. However – time has certainly turned into LOTS OF TIME. He didn’t go public with Amber until April of 2013. (some say that was a deal he and Vanessa made, to wait one year) that’s bullshit. Vanessa was photographed kissing a man before the one year time limit was up. August 13, 2012 to be exact. Therefore we can see that’s bullshit and a lie. They had NO agreement to wait a year. Okay so the man in the photo is her hair dresser and he’s known to be gay. SO let me drop the Benjamin Biolay name then. A rumor but they worked together and there have been many people that have said they have been seeing each other since 2012. SO there. LOL Again the year wait is bullshit.

In knowing the year arrangement is bullshit, Johnny still won’t be seen out in the open with Amber Heard. They are still sneaking around. She is seen in Oct 2012 wearing his T shirt AGAIN. Then they sneak out of a Los Angeles club. (no one would have known they were there if a staff member had not leaked it)

Then there is Petty Fest. Again, Johnny doesn’t want to be seen with her but Amber Heard is photographed holding her head down and being pushed inside of an SUV. Johnny is hiding in the backseat. Almost in the floor.  Do not tell me for one minute that someone did not tip off the paps about Amber being there. She was photographed inside Petty Fest and then they waited for her to come out. I feel that it was staged by Amber Heard who was getting tired of “being someones dirty little secret”  By December rumors of them breaking up hit the news.

Amber goes to Paris to film. Jan goes by, Feb and March goes by. During these months Amber is filmed with various friends out and about.

April – early in the day of the 27th – Amber is photographed out wearing the outfit she was wearing in Creede, CO. It had never been confirmed it was Amber with Johnny, but in wearing the outfit and making sure the paparazzi got photos of her there would be no doubt that she had been with Johnny. Perhaps the Stones Concert later that evening was not a for sure thing? Maybe just in case the concert didn’t happen(her going with Johnny) she wanted to make sure she was seen. She wanted the confirmation to be out and everyone to know. Amber wearing Johnny’s T shirts and Native American jewelry wasn’t enough to show anyone they were together.

Johnny doesn’t look happy in the photos taken from their arrival at the Rolling Stones concert. He doesn’t walk in with Amber. Instead he leaves her in the car to not only get out by herself but to walk in by herself.

When they have dinner with Keith Richards a few nights later, Amber opens the car door herself, walks into and out of the restaurant by herself. He does not act like he is with her.

Moscow. The photos of them coming out of the restaurant may be considered by some to be better. I say look at his face. Johnny doesn’t always smile. I’m aware of that, but watch him. Anytime his relationships are strained it shows on him. Instead of a no smile, straight face his expression and eyes carry a different story.

On the rooftop it doesn’t get much better. Amber seems to be reaching across to show possession of him, while flirting with a female. Taking photos together is enough to say “hey! they may just be an item after all!” but her continual body language that tries to push the issue is disturbing. She seems to be getting desperate for it to look like more of a relationship than it is. One photo was taken where Johnny is looking towards Amber and she is looking at him. People have grabbed onto that shot saying it shows they love or at least like each other. Out of all those photos we get ONE photo of them looking at each other like they are in love or lust. Doesn’t matter which one. Alright, but before you cling to that. Before you say Johnny is looking at Amber like he’s in love, and Amber looks so happy(with her eyes closed apparently after laughing) Let’s take a look at the photo in question.


Things look pretty legit. They are turned towards one another. Her eyes are closed. Camera snapped the picture when her eyes were closed. It happens. Johnny seems to be looking at her. You can’t really tell if he’s looking at her eyes, her nose, her mouth, or just her face, but he turned towards her – looks like after something happened(a laugh or a joke or something) Seems like you can see his eyelashes, his eyes are cast down a bit. Maybe he was looking at her mouth because she was in the middle of talking. Alright then. With all the shadows and shading it’s difficult to tell any more than that.

Until you see the negative of the photo.


This shows his eyes towards the camera. Looking sideways towards the camera.   So …what is this about??? I can plainly see it looks as if he’s looking at her in the photo, but in the negative he’s looking towards the camera. IF so, is he aware of the camera and what the photo could appear like to anyone who may see it. It would make it look more serious between Johnny and Amber, or has a photo been doctored?

Who knows. LOL

EDIT:  Everything that is dark in the original turns light in the negative. That means that the light part of his eyes in the negative are actually darker and what looks like the iris and pupil of his eye would actually be light areas in the original photo. So that can’t be his eyes turned towards the camera – I still can’t tell where he is looking but it almost seems as if his eyes were caught closing too. And THAT is what a drink or two can do. Relax you.


16 Responses to “Taking a look at the Jamber Timeline”

  1. AmberWHO? July 10, 2013 at 2:03 am #

    That’s some AMAZING detective work!!!
    I was trying to post a couple of photos of them getting into the car that show, in my opinion a stressful moment between them.
    I still say he didn’t want to go to that roof-top party. All of the PR he’d been doing and the long flight, plus he’s still working on a movie, I think he wanted a quiet evening. But the party girl insisted he come to meet her friends. One friend that has websites dedicated to both Heard and Depp. And it seems I heard that the other man pictured was a Russian pap and that Amber knew that. That is just hear-say about the pap, so no proof. Sorry wish I had it.

    I also have THIS info…the paps were at the Ago restaurant (dinner with Keith Richards) because Amber’s PR people called them. I was told that about the Rolling Stones concert too. Seems her people really want to put her in the spot light with this. And the only way for her PR people to know where she will be on a private night out, is because she tells them.
    The source is a friend of mine. He used to be a theater tech, He now is in LA working as an assistant to a celeb photographer (they don’t like to be called paps, I guess). I’ve known this guy for about 15 years, he’s always been honest as far as I can tell. He tells me little tidbits from time to time, we don’t really talk about Johnny per se, just kind of general celeb stuff. We were talking a bit about the work he does and I asked him if he had been involved when the pictures at the Stones concert were taken. He knew about them, but he himself wasn’t there. Then after I showed that initial interest, he told me to look for the pictures from the restaurant. He said he was there in his bosses’ vehicle at the time and was waiting to follow the other vehicles when they left the restaurant. But it sounds like he didn’t get to follow them. They were blocked. And yes, they are watching the two residences closely.

    Seems like a recurring theme to me. I really hope Johnny wakes up soon,

    • jambernews July 10, 2013 at 2:08 am #

      You’re right there was tension in those photos leaving the restaurant in Moscow. Rumor has it he may have been a little under the weather as well. I certainly would not want to go to a party after all the hype of the last week. If her team called the photogs I could see why there was some tension in the photos from Ago. Then again why is Johnny so set on not being seen with her. If he likes her so much you might as well deal with it because it’s going to happen. Life of a movie star. It sucks but it happens. You just learn to deal with it as best you can.

  2. A July 10, 2013 at 9:52 am #

    Great post! I do want to point out though that the man Vanessa was kissing in the photo is her longtime friend and hairdresser, John Nollet, who happens to be gay so the kiss was more than likely a friendly one and nothing more.

    • jambernews July 10, 2013 at 9:56 am #

      And Benjamin Biolay? Another man she’s been seeing.

  3. A July 10, 2013 at 10:19 am #

    She’s been rumored to be seeing Benjamin as well as a couple of other guys. I haven’t seen any photos of them kissing, but then I haven’t gone looking for any such photos.

  4. M July 10, 2013 at 11:00 am #

    Vanessa was also photographed out buying lingerie with Guy David Gharbi, who she was rumored to have been dating. That was like in September I think.

    I don’t think Vanessa has anything to hide by dating again. Johnny obviously does. So he has to slowly bring the mistress out to let the public get used to it.

  5. AmberWHO? July 10, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

    Was it Benjamin Biolay that was on the boat with Vanessa and the kids within a month of the announcement? Seems there may have a couple of men vying for Vanessa right after it happened. SHE certainly wasn’t hiding anything from the kids.
    Besides, what about Johnny’s resent interview with Charlie Rose, where he talks about the need to be honest with his kids over the break up. He says the most important thing was to be honest with his kids. No, it’s not the kids he or Vanessa are protecting.

  6. Moreen July 10, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

    No jamber, Benjamin Biolay worked with her on her last cd, so their dinner together was just a dinner where they could discuss about work. They never dated, they’re just friends and anyway, they were never pictured together at the reastaurant, so there’s no proof they were there but even if it’s true, they’re just friends. In Johnny’s case is different. He was never a friend with Amber and pictured of them together came out even before he and Vanessa split, He was seen with Amber in las Vegas in April 2009, remember??

    • jambernews July 10, 2013 at 6:43 pm #

      Sure I remember. Then we must do the same for Vanessa that has been done with Johnny prior to being seen with Amber at the Rolling Stones concert. Everyone assumed Amber and Johnny were an item even though they had not been seen together and nothing was made offcial. Then we must not be contradictory. Vanessa very well may have been and may still be seeing Bejamin. If you do not use the same standards for both couples then we must say since nothing seems serious and body language strained that Johnny and Amber are friends too. Other than holding hands there has been nothing.

  7. Andrè July 14, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    Jamber you’re right but in Johnny and Amber case there are pictures of them and they’re holding hands like a couple while in Vanessa’s case there aren’t pictures of her with an alleged boyfriend. She was never phitigraphed holding her or getting cozy with another man till now and even with Banjamin Biloay there aren’t pictures of them at the restaurant, so we don’t have proof they were there as for the picture of Vanessa with Guy David Gharbi there is no picture. Someone said of having seen it, but if it was true, this picture would be popular on the web… how come that pictures of Vanessa with Jon Nollet are aout and pictures of her with a real boyfriend aren’t out at all? There’s no site who got it so until I won’t see a picture of her I’m not gonna buy that she was dating someone else. It’s impossible that if she was seeing someone else nobody on the web has pictures if they were taken, come on.

    • jambernews July 14, 2013 at 6:47 pm #

      Let’s remember one thing. If Amber Heard had not been wearing Johnny’s clothes we never would have thought they were around each other at all. IF she had not had the paparazzi called when she and johnny were at Petty Fest and the AV nightclub no one would have known.

      Vanessa has a little more class. She’s more discreet. Meaning she’s probably been dating and no pictures have been taken. Period.

    • M July 15, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

      • M July 15, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

        Of course that doesn’t prove that they were dating but that is the infamous pic of her with Guy David.

  8. AmberWHO? July 15, 2013 at 1:40 am #

    Did anyone notice that the pictures from the Stones concert and the Ago restaurant were taken right around the time that the movie Syrup was released? Amber’s PR team seems hard at work trying to get her in the spotlight.

    Also, I find it funny that on IMdB, if you look at the cast listing for the movie Syrup, Amber is not listed as first billed, you have to open the list to see her name, but she is first billed on the advertising posters. It could be listed in order of appearance, she’s number 21 on the list. I’m thinking her current popularity as Johnny’s Depp’s arm candy is what got her name on the posters.
    My guess is that the next time one of her movies comes out, we will see her and Johnny together again and we won’t see them any time before that unless she will be with him at some of the upcoming Lone Ranger premieres, such as London. I’m sure photogs and “journalists” will be looking for her.

  9. Andrè July 15, 2013 at 2:58 am #

    Well, if Vanessa was discreet, this prove that they probably had an agreement of not showing up for a year at least with new partners. That’s why Johnny avoided for a year to be seen together clearly in a picture with Amber. We didn’t know for sure that Amber was really dating her yeah and we had some clues when she used to wear his thing yes, but not only for that. Don’t forget that rumours started after they were photographed together in Las Vegas while getting out of his plane and not because of the fact that Amber was wearing his t-shirt. Then rumours persisted because they were seen in Colorado together. There were several tales by people there who stated of having seen them. Some people claimed of having seen them in some restaurants, other people claimed of having seen them in a jewellery and some other claimed of having seen them riding together…..someone also wrote on the web of having seen them flirting during a private dinner where they asked to stay in a private area, but nobody wanted to believe it. Then a picture came out of a woman that was getting into his car. We could see only her back but from the dressing style, hair and other details we understood it was Amber and then it was proved it was her, so rumours started mostly because she was seen more than once around him and because some people of Colorado claimed of having seen them. The shirt alone wasn’t enough to start rumours, there was much more. Then she was seen getting into his car even after the Petty Festival and I personally think that he agreed to spread gradually all these clues to prepare people to accept the idea they were together. I doubt she did all by herself to be seen. I think he knew it or he wouldn’t have let her doing such a dirty game come on. If he wasn’t okay about spreading all these little clues, he wouldn’t have taken Amber in any public place like he did in Colorado, letting lots of common people seeing them, come on. She wasn’t there all the time, but she often visited him and I know this because I know someone in Creede that told me of having seen them more than once. If Depp wanted to hide he would avoided such things don’t you think? But he was okay about being here and there in Creede with Amber while everybody could see them as he was okay about taking her with him at the Pett Festival, Then if it was only her idea of wearing his things and he disagree, I think he would have got mad at her, don’t you think so? He wouldn’t have let her make a fool of him and he would have left her if the fact she was wearing his stuff disturbed him so much. She used to wear his shirt, braceletes and other things more than once, so he could have forgiven her just once if he didn’t agree, but since she often used to wear them it’s clear that he was okay since he never left her because of this and he allowed her to do it. He also used to wear her bracelets. People knew they were her bracelets so come on, it’s evident that he wasn’t so wishing of hiding….. he just tried of avoiding that paparazzi could take a picture of them together, but meanwhile he started to spread with Amber’s help some clues to let people understand what was going on. It’s so clear to me….. as it’s clear that she’s not forcing him to date her, that’s a ridiculous theory. What would Amber be doing, pointing a gun on his head? I don’t buy it. He likes her and he’s dating her because he’s living a mid-life crysys. That’s why he was hanging put with Marilyn Manson and other things like that. He never grew up and still wants to live a wild life like he did in his 30s. I don’t think he loves Amber but she’s wild as he’s, that’s why they get on well together.

  10. Mango December 21, 2014 at 1:11 pm #

    I remember it was said that Amber gave him the ultimatum of going public or she would leave…… Actually I also read that he was the one who suggested marraige to get her to stay . This was right before the RS concert in May of 2013…..

    I remember the pic of him in the suv afterward w/ his head down while she was in full line view ….

    IMO he wanted to keep things quiet long enough to see if it was really going to work for them in the long run, and to keep it as much b/t them as possible that way to be sure it was truly legit, but she must not have wanted to wait and was more into being seen w/ him than something real. This was after Marie in France and leaving and coming back twice. She broke up w/ him as soon as people found out about them….. Not just to hide from “frenzy” but fully broke up, after trying so hard to get the RD part, dancing seduductively on set for him and all her actions to get w/ him, plus “closeness” on the press tour. To me if she carried the potential to care about him, she would have never left to begin with .

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