Amber Loves George Orwell

9 Jul

This information is from 2011. When people found out Amber was a huge Ayn Rand fan, and also a George Orwell fan. 2011 is two years after she met Johnny Depp.

George was a great writer, and kinda had a J.M. Barrie look about him.  His book “1984” was the last thing he wrote. After it was published he died 6 months later.  It was banned in schools.Then again he was a supporter of the British Labor Party and a critic of the left by the end of his life, including an almost obsessive focus on Stalinism. He also became a defender of the Second World War, and a self-described “patriot”.

Now that’s interesting and it may be only rumor, but the point is that it’s out on the internet and I have no idea how long this is been rumored but you MUST see this.   Johnny wanted for movie on Orwell. 

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.


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  1. AmberWHO? July 9, 2013 at 11:38 pm #

    So who is doing the deceiving? Amber or Johnny. I didn’t see anything about Johnny in the article.
    I still say Amber has been planning a “Johnny Depp Take Over” since she was a teen. And it’s not about love, it’s about possession, status and money.
    Are you saying you think Johnny is changing his tune for Amber? I have been reading a lot of older interviews given by Johnny and his true self appears to be a staunch liberal. Is Amber changing him or his he becoming conservative in his old age like so many others.

    • jambernews July 10, 2013 at 12:17 am #

      If you google johnny depp george Orwell some connections come up

    • jambernews July 10, 2013 at 12:29 am #

      My honest feeling is that Amber has done most of the deceiving and manipulating. As seen by the “How to land Johnny Depp” post. I do think that he isn’t in love with her and he has an issue being in public with her. Only due to some of his body language. It goes beyond not wanting to give the paparazzi a good shot. It goes beyond, ” I’ve always been private. Stay away from me.” He’s smiling on the roof top in Moscow. Maybe because he had a drink. Loosened up. The one photo of them both looking at each other does not strike me as Johnny looking at her lovingly like other fans have said. It looks as if she was talking or laughing and he looked over.

  2. AmberWHO? July 10, 2013 at 1:30 am #

    The one thing that seems constant in the love life of Johnny Depp is that he doesn’t just become interested in a woman. When he has interest, he falls and falls hard. He seems to put them on a pedestal and he over looks their faults and perhaps their true intentions. He’s been inked with at least one tat that seems to have a connection to Amber, I don’t think he’s taking this involvement lightly. I do believe he wooed her with flowers, gifts and poetry. I wish I didn’t but I do. I’m still looking for the interview where he describes how he is with women.
    That being said, I do appreciate your take and you may be right, I hope you are. I’m sorry to those who like Amber, but I see her as the bad guy in this play. I wasn’t crazy about Vanessa either but I never had the feeling that she was milking Johnny for everything she could get like I do with Amber. I just really don’t trust Amber and most people do not like what she seems to be turning Johnny into. Most people are seeing him as a liar, hypocrite, dirty old man and nothing more. I feel she will be the ruin of him. It’s hard to see someone you admire ruined. That’s my only excuse for the way I feel about this.
    I did google Johnny Depp George Orwell as you suggested and only found a question posted about a rumor that Tim Burton is doing a remake of 1984 and the person wanted to know if Johnny would be playing Winston Smith. Other than that I didn’t see any other links.

    • jambernews July 10, 2013 at 2:04 am #

      It isn’t my goal in life to turn a young woman into a manipulative “monster” of sorts. I have looked at everything that’s been said. I know some of it is bullshit and some of it is truth. I also have been around long enough to know that there’s a little truth in everything and truth is stranger than fiction. I am not for certain that Johnny isn’t enamored with Amber Heard. He very well may be. I know he falls very hard. Love is blind. It really really is. I picked this subject to blog about because it was and is a subject people are interested in. I’m a happily married man and I don’t care about Amber Heard or Johnny Depp in regards to how serious their love life truly is. I took a long while reading articles and looking at photos before I decided to start the blog.

      About the time I was about to open the blog I then found some other articles/blogs that made me go back and really look over things again. In doing that I found something that didn’t sit right with me. Something wasn’t right in this relationship. As I’ve said before I am not and have never been a Depp fan. I didn’t know who Amber was, but from what I have seen and put together Amber Hears is an opportunist. It is very clear that she’s wanted to be with Depp for a long time. Since she was very young. When she was young he was with Vanessa. That wasn’t going to stop her. That tells me much about Amber Heard as a person. She is also Vain, Selfish, and she has used those very things to get what she’s wanted. She is very different than other girls he’s dated. Yes even much different than Kate Moss. Amber’s vanity is what that difference is between her and Kate Moss.

      I can’t help but think of the things Johnny said about his youth and that he was an outcast. The pretty girls did him wrong and he wasn’t their type. He really like a cheerleader that burned him. He wanted the pretty girl but couldn’t get her. He joined a band so that he could get girls. Now the pretty girl wants to have something to do with him, and it makes him feel good. Love/Lust is blind.

  3. AmberWHO? July 10, 2013 at 2:11 am #

    Thanks for your background, it’s very appreciated. I agree something seems off. But you are right, I’ve read the tabs for years and years and there is usually some truth hidden in the lies. I just want to know the truth.
    It seems Johnny would be smarter to put it out there so all of the speculation would stop. But know that has burned him before.

    • jambernews July 10, 2013 at 2:22 am #

      True. However a lot of times putting things out there will not stop the speculation. That could be one reason he doesn’t do it. The other reason? He may feel it’s no one’s business. Fair enough. The only other reason is that he is taking it slow and it’s not the relationship that everyone including Amber Heard want it to be. There’s no way we can know for sure. That’s why we just look at the things that are out there and try to make sense of it all. Some people will say, “Oh get a life, why invest so much time trying to figure it out!” I say, ” Then why were you here reading?”

      I read at other Depp forums and I’ve seen a lot of good posts for both sides of the issue from fans. I do remember one that sticks out. A fan said they had a feeling this relationship wasn’t going to last. Another fan answered back and said “All relationships end. Break up or death or whatever” (that wasn’t and exact quote, but that’s what they said) and I had to laugh. The first fan knew that but it was obvious she meant it would end/not work out because something was off.

      I realize it didn’t work out with Winona, and Kate, and some others. I do. Most relationships do end. I’m not sure that’s THE point anymore. I think the point is that through being interested, fans have started to see that Amber Heard has a huge facade to her. Women and Men can be very very manipulative without seeming so. Just because he’s Johnny Depp and he’s been in this world 50 years doesn’t mean he can’t be blind to deceit. It happens all the time. Maybe we aren’t giving Johnny enough credit here. This next theory could be proven wrong tomorrow but maybe he does KNOW how she is. Maybe he has a little more discernment than some of us give him credit for, and he’s having a good time with a girl. When he gets tired of it, he’ll just get tired of it. Until then he’s going to have some fun. Or until it means ENOUGH to him he’ll continue to be uncomfortable being seen with her.

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