Amber Heard Lauren Bacall continued

2 Jul

Alright in a previous post I wanted to know when the photos of Amber were taken that were set up to be similar to an old Lauren Bacall photoshoot. Thanks to a reader here we’ve found out. Amber Heard posed for Vanity Fair November 2011. These are the photos posted in a previous post that resembled Lauren Bacall.

Johnny is said to have made a comment about Amber Heard reminding him of an old starlet like Lauren Bacall.  The same Month- November 2011 guess who was on the cover? You got it!


Now let’s think about this. Johnny makes the comment about Amber back in 2009 – but in 2011 he’s on the cover of Vanity Fair and in the same issue Amber Heard is posing like an old movie starlet.  Once again that’s a little too much of a convenience.  Not so sure she wasn’t a homewrecker. Wait, what am I saying. I did think that didn’t I?


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