The Look of Love? Alcohol?

30 Jun

Here’s a new photo from Moscow and it seems some Depp fans are going nuts saying it’s the look of love between Johnny and Amber. They say they are just “sizzling” there. Let me break this down for you. We have one photo of them looking towards each other. The photo seems to show Johnny turning his head toward Amber who has just said something etc (her mouth is partially open) Also, let’s go out on a limb and say he is looking at her like a lost puppy. Amber doesn’t return that kind of look does she? No. She’s too busy smiling and partying up. She still has a smug look on her face and can’t seem to keep it off her face.  The look of love? Hardly. What I can say is that we do have one photo where the tension between them isn’t thick enough to be cut through. (photo below)


Also Depp fans are quick to state that Johnny never said he quit drinking. They also say he could have had a non alcoholic drink or just grabbed a drink to pose with the lady. Why would a man who just gave a quote to Rolling Stone even do that? Risking backlash from it? Oh that’s right, maybe to seem hip and young and carefree for his girlfriend who’s closer in age to his daughter than to himself. I don’t buy it. Either he stopped the drinking as reports have said including his own quote and he had to have a drink for whatever reason (he stated it makes him more comfortable in social situations), or he lied and he hasn’t stopped. One thing is obviously true Amber Heard didn’t get him to quit drinking like reports stated.



I still call a bit of bullshit to this relationship but I’m getting an eye opening experience while wading through the thick mud. Amber is manipulative and getting what she wants. Given Johnny’s longing for true love – someone is being taken for a ride. I don’t think it’s Amber Heard. What man who is well versed in culture and literature would continue to date a woman who is obsessed with Ayn Rand? The woman that was racist towards Native American’s. The very people who have accepted Johnny. The very people Johnny stated he had never felt so accepted by in his life.


Something isn’t right here folks.


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  1. AmberWHO? June 30, 2013 at 11:46 pm #

    I just read about a Twitter post that says Amber was just spotted this evening (June 30th) in LA with Tasya.

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