Johnny Depp Playng the Field

5 Jun

Alright so Amber Heard has been seen with Johnny Depp. They are dating. No one knows how serious it is and that isn’t important. What some people assume is Johnny is dating only one person. They assume  due to his dating patterns over the years. A one woman man. True as that may be (at least to all the fans who aren’t in his inner circle) we have no proof if Johnny at any point in the beginning of his relationships dates/dated more than one person. It’s a practice done by just about everyone at one point or another. You are ready to date and you go out on dates with several people until you find the one you want to date exclusively. Johnny has had plenty of time (years) loyal and dedicated to one person (Vanessa Paradis), and now why are we to think he hasn’t dated or spent time with only Amber Heard. At least in the beginning.  His own team made a mention that Johnny wasn’t in a serious relationship or wasn’t looking for one but was keen to have some fun.

He’s not embroiled in some hot and heavy new romance and he has no plans to jump straight into something straight away, but he is keen to have some fun again. – radaronline

Maybe he has only been seeing one person. It’s possible. Then again after 13 years it’s not hard to believe that maybe he has seen other girls. Either Amber Heard made the exclusive status with Johnny, or it’s easier to take another actress out in public. What I mean by that is it’s easier to take another celebrity out into paparazziville than to take someone that isn’t known or use to that circus. Then we must think of what it’s doing for Amber Heard’s career too. It’s not hurting it that’s for certain. Johnny and Amber may have taken a road trip this last week, but damn we can’t seem to get any photos of them together other than when they know paparazzi are going to be around. Are we to believe Johnny would say at a gas station,”please don’t take any photos of my girlfriend.”   No. Not after they have already made it public. Not much he could do about it. Yet no one wanted or thought to get a picture of his blonde girlfriend that was with him.

On a previous post I mentioned that Amber Heard was photographed around Dec. 17, 2012 looking as if she had been crying. Her face was swollen and she was out in public without make up on. Shortly there after she took off with Marie de Villipin.  On December 15, 2012 Johnny Depp was photographed boarding his plane. Kissing and hugging a stewardess. Who was blonde. Do we believe that story? The blonde named Julie Ellis, a stewardess that had worked for Johnny for several years sure would risk a lot (getting fired) if all that came out (which it did) anyone know if Miss Ellis is still employed? lol

Making a point? We don’t know if they are exclusive now or not. Maybe she’s his main squeeze but that doesn’t mean both of them do not have other people they are dating/seeing/casual with. This could work out nicely for them both.


Johnny Boarding his plane seen with Julie

source on stewardess:

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