Amber’s New Movie Says It All

5 Jun

Amber Heard photographed May 29th 2013 – afternoon.  Going to the gym

I’m guessing that evening or the next morning she left on that road trip with Johnny. Anyway she’s by herself and hiding from the paps. This is so different than her reactions and actions towards the photogs just a few short months ago. Now she has done a 180 and is pulling this B.S.  I don’t know who suggested that she change her interactions with the photogs but it’s strange. Especially considering she isn’t a A lister. *photo below*

Now we have a trailer for her movie “Paranoia” if you notice the guy in the movie is made to “Look the part” he has to change in order to make it in the big world. He also makes a statement that he wants to sleep his way to the top.

Oh we are the company that we keep. Every actor takes on roles that feel strong about in one way or another. We know Amber has stated she chooses her roles. Funny how it’s the guy character in this movie that is going through some of the same motions Amber has went through in the last several years.


Trailer for upcoming movie Paranoia


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  1. Lilly July 3, 2013 at 7:49 am #

    Moreover she played a fake lesbian in her movie “Syrup”nand also this says it all! She played Six, a woman who pretends of being lesbian because she knows that it’s quite appealing and turn on men…. the director of the movie also explained that Amber was the only one who could play well Six because she was Six! These were his words. He explained that Amber is very much similar to Six….. mmhh….. are we sure that Amber is bisexual for real? I mean, before coming out nobody knew her and sometimes people pretendes to be something in show business just to get more fame and actually Amber wasn’t known before her coming out. She also stated in past that she would anything for her career and just think about one thing: if she was bisexual, why she felt the necessity of coming out at such a public event like Glad??? She just could tell she was bi and dating a woman in an interview like other celebrities did. Some examples? Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Ricky Martin… there was no need to do such a coming out, especially when you’re not famous because nobody would care about a coming out of a poorly known actress, so I guess she came out just to get attention and starting to gain fame…. at this point is normal wonder if she ever was lesbian or bi because after all she could be only a good friend with Tasya and that’s it. Maybe they agreed to pretend of having a relationship because it was convenient to both of them and pay attention, they really got a lot of publicity to each other’s lives till now. Tasya realized lots of videos with Amber as her muse and put them on the web for years. In these videos there was also Amber’s soster Whitney…. mmhh… maybe Tasya was just an intimate firend of Amber, maybe Amber was just her muse and since they were seen spending much time together rumours started that they were dating and maybe they agreed to take advantage of them to get fame and that’s what happened indeed because Amber is even more popular of Angelina Jolie these days and Tasya got fame too. She has a lots of accounts everyhwre and a site where she sells his artistic creations, and I heard their price isn’t cheap at all, so either her and Amber got what they wanted. Amber got Johnny finally and maybe never was bisexual and Tasya got fame and she’s now considered a hollywoodian A-photographer… Tasya could be a lesbian for real and I think she is, and maybe Amber was just her dearest friend and muse. They helped each other a lot if you think about it and just ome more thing. just think about this: rumours claimed that Amber cheated on Tasya preferring Johnny to her and many clues let us see that indeed Amber started a relationship with Johnny not so much after that she was supposed to split with Tasya…. mmhhh… if this is true, how come that a betrayed ex-girlfriend is still so friendly with Amber? How come that Tasya was serving as a decoy last year to cover what Amber was really doing? I mean, when your girlfriend cheat on you that bad, you wouldn’t feel okay about keeping being her friend, right? And Tasya last year was all smiling while getting photographed in Los Angeles with Amber. They seemed even more friends than before! How come? Sonething is strange and doesn’t fit in all this. When you are betrayed by someone you love you can’t be friend of her\him as nothing happened, right? But Tasya had no problems to keep seeing Amber even when she knew Amber was dating the man whom she cheated on her!!! Please, seriously, that doesn’t make sense, there’s something suspicious about all this and about Amber’s relationship with Tasya. They keep see each other even now because they’re friends! Do you really think that Johnny would let Amber keeping her foot in 2 shoes? I doubt it. Maybe he’s aware that between Amber and Tasya was all a sham and that they’re just close friends, thats’ why he’s always been okay about them hanging out together since the last year. How can it be possible that if Tasya loved Amber and was broken heart by hjer cheating she would have been okay in 2012 to serve as a decoy? Do you ever think about this? If your girlfriend cheated on you, you would later help her to be a decoy to hide the fact that she’s dating the person which she dumped you for? I don’t buy it and Tasya knew that she was a decoy because it’s impossible that she didn’t know that Amber called paparazzi while spending time with her in public places. Tasya saw paparazzi while being pictured with Amber unless she’s blind, so she knew it was all a game to confuse media at the time that Johnny didn’t want to come out with Amber in any way. Tasya even smiled for paparazzi’s camera when she was hanging out with Amber in Los Angeles, that’s why I think it was all prepared and studied. Same thing when Amber was hanging out with Marie de Villepin. Do you really think that paparazzi knew when and where Amber and Marie were in LA or even in France? of course they called paparazzi to be seen because they wanted to be seen and photographed. It was all prepared. They knew that paparazzi would have been there and they wanted to get some publicity. The game is clear, maybe I’m wrong, but there’s something really strange about Amber’s lesbianism.

    • jambernews July 3, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

      There are some good points in your comment. Things to make others think. I can’t wait to see if anyone else replies!

  2. Lilly July 3, 2013 at 7:59 am #

    Just remember that maths is not an opinion: 2 + 2 = 4 and not 3!

  3. Samone July 5, 2013 at 4:38 am #

    I’ll tell you what lilly, I Don’t think I could of worded it better myself. You deserve a glass of champagne after that (preferably the one that Johnny’s holding since we know he has no need for it). I’ve said this before, actions speak louder than words, & she’s had ample amount of time to explain herself through the cluster of magazine issues she’s done. From her love of Rand to the media games with john & with her new current quote “the island, is my private life”. (Oh whatever ambalina! she acts as if she’s created, & planted some new highly forbidden willy wonka russian gold fruit & we can touch it) Her PR “the adults in her life” as she calls it know to say “no personal questions” b4 the interview. However, I’ll give them a pass. These adults clearly have way too much work on their hands with the up rising rebel & let it slip on by I get it. It is a shame though with all the interviews you think she would show some support to her man with the native american issue and put it to rest. I guess in the end wearing ones indian jewlery should tell us enough. That & the fact she has some true balls of steel to go over to the very island her boyfriend bought for his family back when she was what 15 or 16? (can ya imagine if she had that planed in that objectivistic mind of hers too) I think Ms Ambalina Rand knows we’re onto her. Of all people she should know we have bullshiters in the world, & we all know you just can’t bullshit a bullshiter.

    • jambernews July 5, 2013 at 10:22 am #

      Ambalina. LOL. That’s too good. Since Ayn Rand is all about selfishness and objectivism we can also call her Aymrand. Pronounced I’m Rand lol

    • jambernews July 5, 2013 at 10:23 am #

      Oh and ver good points. 1000 points to you. jambernews where bullshit is busted and the points don’t matter.

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