More Proof She’s Duped Johnny

4 Jun

The Informers 2008- Amber Heard did not have her tattoo. Goes to show she got it right before or during her meet up with Johnny Depp. Again the tattoo is something dark like Mr. Depp is into.



Remember how Amber can’t seem to separate Johnny from his character in The Rum Diary and how she always referred to Paul (Johnny’s character) as Johnny? “I’m in a car with Johnny Depp.” Instead of “I’m in a car with Paul Kemp played by Johnny Depp.” Yeah so anyway I found an article that shows she DOES indeed know how to separate characters from actors. Just not Johnny Depp whom she’s been crushing over since she was a teen. See here Interview for her movie The Stepfather:

So was there any particular aspect of that script that had truth to it?

It’s more of a drama in a sense that… or more of an art form in the sense that it wasn’t so much based in, as a reality, as it was trying to create a dramatic scenario. You know, I play the picturesque, have you, girl next door. I’m sweet, I’m in the sun, I’m wearing a hot pink top and some great flat shoes, in a ponytail. You know, and Dylan… I’m sorry, I mean Michael and I – Michael in the story – played by Penn Badgley, we have a really innocent, cute relationship. I don’t know how accurate that is to a sixteen year old. I don’t know when you were sixteen, but it never was really so much the case with me.



She’s also showing a little more about the things she considers kinky. I’m starting to wonder  if the crew from the Rum Diary really did leak a little info about her. I can’t find the article but one came out that said Amber Heard was always lap dancing, and telling everyone how open in the bedroom she was. Anyway here is another bit from the same interview from The Stepfather:

What’s your dialogue been like playing opposite a pervo in a PG-13 flick?

Yeah, it’s kinda nice, kinda kinky [Laughing].

Some hot older guy action?

Yeah. I mean hey, what’s wrong with that [Laughing]? I… well, Dylan Walsh is an amazing actor. He’s very creepy, like, I don’t know where the character stops and he starts. I can’t tell [Laughing]. I can’t tell. But he is very committed to his role and he walks around kind of as the character. So you just kind of steer clear.


OH and since when have very many lesbians or bi-sexuals been or wanted to be a republican? There are far more reasons to not be a republican other than feeling republicans are assholes. As intelligent as she tries to come across surely she would have given a better reason for this answer other than republicans are assholes.  Like maybe….They don’t like same sex marriage???  Hello Glaad and Street protest! Anyone remember Heard’s involvement in these?


Yeah. I guess you could say… I mean I wish Republicans didn’t give us such a bad name. I guess I would be a Republican if they weren’t such assholes. But, what do I know?


Wake up Johnny! Before she makes her next move.


This interview was on June 29th, 2009 by JimmyO


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