Dating Johnny was planned.

28 May
English: Johnny Depp at the Cannes film festival

English: Johnny Depp at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



We’ve had reports that Amber has had a crush on Johnny since she was a teenager, and I have to admit after reading the post entitled “How to land Johnny Depp” it’s obvious to me that indeed some kind of planning or “strategy” was implemented by Amber Heard to place herself around Johnny. We know for a fact she pushed hard for the part in The Rum Diary. Why? Either one of two reasons. 1. she thought it would be a great career move and bolster her a bit further, or 2. She wanted to work with Johnny Depp.

The things she’s done over time are some thing to take notice of. Dating Crispen Glover for one. Every thing she’s done if you research leads in some way back to Johnny Depp. The people she’s worked to be around, date, and her film choices have in some way had a connection to Johnny Depp. Then taking into account that she’s had years to read on Johnny and find out things that he is into, things he likes and things they could “have in common”  next thing we see is Amber Heard is “into the same things” Johnny is and rallying hard for the Rum Diary part of Chenault. It’s a little fishy.

Anyone that has been a long time Johnny fan knows Johnny likes things that aren’t considered run of the mill. His taste in literature, artwork, darker things. We know nothing of Amber Heard’s personality, likes, dislikes as a teen. We have nothing to tell us what kind of a person she was – she’s not famous enough for anyone to want to write a biography on her. For now we have only what has been published and confirmed by her to gage anything by.  So far it appears she wants to be famous, she wanted to get in touch or be around Johnny Depp, and she may or may not have used being bi-sexual as a means to bolster her career too. I only say this because of the times she was with someone else during her relationship with a woman. The people she was with, were men…….

What would a person do to become famous?

If all of this has any weight  why wouldn’t Johnny see through it? Wouldn’t he know she was putting on a farce? Well…..what part of it is a farce? She dated Crispen. She dated a woman that wore hats and had tattoos, she has a tattoo that has a reference to darker things, she has a mustang, she had a photo shoot that resembled Vanessa’s photoshoot, maybe she likes Marilyn Monroe as well. So what has been a farce? She’s made the statement that she picks what she wants to do and what she doesn’t want to do.

What do you think a woman could or would do to land Johnny Depp? Surely it was more than the lap dances she gave on the set of the Rum Diary. More than talking on set about being so open in the bedroom. Right?

From Interview withe Amber Heard:

Q. Just to talk about the character a bit- one thing that I find curious about Chenault is that when she first meets Paul Kemp in the water there’s almost an instant attraction, a seduction between the characters. Do you think that was special for him? Or do you think that’s kind of her nature, that’s something that she kind of invites?

A. That’s a good question. I think that it has to be an instant love, because it’s… look at him, it’s Johnny Depp, I mean it’s also Paul Kemp, but I think that’s an obvious thing, and I think there’s an instant attraction. We’re not talking about two people that would not be attracted to each other. They’re very, from the beginning, drawn to one another. I think later she learns what he represents and her fall from grace is a dramatic one, but one that ultimately has to happen. So the ties are severed and the cord is cut and she falls away from this lifestyle that she was so much a part of at one point. And truly, whether you call it that she was a victim to it or owned doesn’t matter. She was like, any other part of that dream, of that facade of what the American dream is… the corvette, the bedazzled turtle… and that’s her. Just another one of those commodities. And she falls for the opposite of that. She falls for the antithesis of Sanderson. It’s Johnny Depp. And we kind of take that journey with her.



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  1. Marcel June 3, 2013 at 8:27 pm #

    Your name is Manie? I mean, are you who has written on Perez Hilton as Manie?
    If so, could you tell us more about Amber and Depp?

    • jambernews June 3, 2013 at 11:39 pm #

      I have no idea who Manie is. I can’t tell you anymore than what I’m posting here sorry! Just my own opinions and things found online. Sorry I couldn’t help more! I don’t frequent Perez’s site : (

    • jambernews June 4, 2013 at 12:10 am #

      OK I looked at the comments. This Manie person is talking about Tasya and Amber. I couldn’t care less who Amber is or isn’t dating. I am simply looking at things that most people are overlooking. I don’t care about Tasya.. so all I can say is, sorry I have no idea who this person is. Good luck with dealing with them!

  2. Marcel June 4, 2013 at 10:35 am #

    Ok, thank you 🙂

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