Let It Die

9 Oct

The last few days of BS articles rehashing the divorce is pitiful,especially PEOPLE mag. 

Listen, no one cares about Amber Heard, no one. Depp?  To be frank, except for devout fans (find them online at Depp fan sites ) No one gives a shit where he’s at or that Jack Sparrow was a no show in the first trailer for POTC 5

No one cares! Let it die! The more Amber Heard gets talked about, the happier it makes her. Let her fade out.  Let JAMBER fade away completely.  As if she never…..existed. 


Hurricane Matthew

6 Oct

Karma can sometimes phone up a few friends.  Not even nature likes Amber Heard, and her selfish, evil, manipulative ways.

Hurricane Matthew is a dangerous storm – and from all appearances we can now rest assured Johnny’s island has been sanitized of Amber Heard. Right down to the sand. Matthew came in, and left nothing of her taint upon the island.

For the rest of those people in the path please stay safe. It’s a deadly storm. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you WHY it had to happen.  It’s just nature taking care of itself.

Amber Turd – Homeless

23 Sep

The latest by Hollywood Gossip says she’s homeless.


My opinion, is Amber will never truly be homeless. This girl has too many F— Buddies to ever truly be homeless.

Johnny Depp Lists a Five-Penthouses

21 Sep

Wealthy buyers often combine units to create a large home. Actor Johnny Depp took another tack when he bought five adjacent penthouses in downtown Los Angeles: He kept them largely separate, living in them “like rooms in a home,” according to real-estate agent Kevin Dees of Partners Trust. Now Mr. Depp is putting his unusual spread on the market for $12.78 million.

Mr. Depp’s five condo units—four two-bedrooms and one one-bedroom—are perched atop the Eastern Columbia Building, a circa 1930 art deco structure known for its four-sided clock tower, said Mr. Dees, who is listing the property with colleague Nick Segal.

According to public records, Mr. Depp bought the condos from the developer for about $7.2 million in a series of transactions between 2007 and 2008. He then left the layout of each apartment as it was. He added doorways connecting three of the units, which he used as his living and entertaining space, while the other two served as an art studio and a guest suite.

Mr. Dees said the units, which total about 11,500 square feet, can be purchased together or separately, but declined to specify the prices of the individual apartments. He added that the units can be easily separated if a buyer prefers.

The home has several private terraces, and the walls are painted in vibrant blues and greens that mirror the building’s colorful exterior. One wall is covered with a mural by Brazilian street artists Osgemeos . Mr. Depp chose to keep the units separate because he didn’t want to disrupt the “integrity” of the spaces, said Mr. Dees.

The move comes a few months after Mr. Depp relisted his compound in the South of France for around $56 million—more than double its previous asking price. Last month, the actor reached a divorce agreement with actress Amber Heard, who announced that she would donate her $7 million settlement to charity.

Mr. Dees declined to comment on whether the divorce is a reason Mr. Depp is selling the home. He said Mr. Depp has other homes in Los Angeles and felt that “it was the right time to divest of that asset.” Los Angeles has seen several high-profile real estate sales in recent months.

-Wall Street Journal



Turd Sighting

20 Sep

Out with Cara D, fashion week, London. Looks like she has a new or borrowed shirt. Never seen before. There, that’s my contribution to fashion week. 

AH looks bad. Almost worn down. She doesn’t look happy at all.  Karma. 

 In other news Johnny Depp is being commended for his charity work- the ones he’s supported and donated to for years quite possibly before amber Heard was born. 

Photo of the Day

19 Sep


Bad Pattern

19 Sep

Amber Heard. Marries Feb 2015

Cara Dunlikenopeen dating / engaged March 2015 

Cara is dating then engaged to St Vincent. Not nearly partying as much. Starts a healthy diet, gym, calms down, handles her depression. 

Amber Heard ends relationship with Depp May 2016 

Amber,Margo and Cara start hanging out. Cara starts up with her wild behavior again 

Cara and St Vincent split. 

Ambers motto must be “all good things must come to…..I must destroy. 

Lots of similarities in HOW the victim goes downhill. 

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