A Baby Chupacabra!

Hahahahahaha! -ahem- sorry

A baby rumor huh? This is equivalent to people trying to state Michael Jackson created his kids the old fashion way. By screwing.

I stated before if Chupa looks pregnant you’d better start watching that baby bump to see if its treat and a surrogate isn’t involved. I still don’t believe Depp and Chupa have THAT kind of relationship.

No no, I’ll have to wait and see. There is too much talk about problems in the relationship, she’s been seen drinking VERY recently, and she’s known to lie,manipulate, and use.

This couple has never done anything that tells me it’s love. Not one damn thing. People have babies all the time without falling in love, or being in love. For Amber Heard? She “trips” and  “accidentally falls” onto too many penises, and into too many vagina’s to ever be taken seriously.

If you ask her she’ll just say she’s “Too pretty to get pregnant.” or instead of facing the fact she can’t act, she’d use a child as an excuse. “I’m pregnant and want to take time off.” Code for, no scripts coming in. “Amber Does Dallas” the porn, is beneath her. (pun intended)




The Show

At this point Johnny Depp isn’t ranking very high with any fans. Okay, maybe a few hundred at the lame “Johnny can do no wrong” fan forums but the general public view him as a boozed up, drugged loser.

Amber Heard is still viewed as a selfish lesbian who only turned straight to gain a career boost ( which still hasn’t happened) and for money. It’s clear through photos she enables, and supports Johnny’s drinking.  It’s all about what she can gain. At the cost of Johnny Depp.

Its clear Johnny Depp has went downhill.

Now the show appears to be ” see we told you we are in love” it comes across to many as Amber Heard trying to stick it out as long as possible to “prove” to everyone the relationship is real beds pure countless photos showing both Amber and Johnny with lack of  love between them I’m sorry but smiling at the most recent Art if Elysium doesn’t count every bit of body language showing “love” seems forced.

Lily Rose never seems happy around Amber.

Johnny is bloated, fat, drunk, and slurred 90% Of the time. Amber still hasn’t wiped the smug off her face, while STILL blaming not getting her break through huge role on being too pretty. No she can’t act.

They both (Johnny and Amber) have turned disgusting.  Amber has been quoted saying hearing things about their relationship is difficult. Hmmm that’s telling coming from a selfish bitch that stated she doesn’t care about what people think of her

home wrecker, conniving, manipulative, selfish, VAIN, enabling fame whore.

The “relationship” is still doomed. She will cheat, get a large alimony, or inherit some money if Depp dies. At this point no one would be shocked. They see all of those coming. She’s too selfish to get pregnant but desperate enough to do it if he tries to wake up and leave. Worked for Vanessa.

Amber is a modern day Courtney Love. Just a bit more quiet in her demeanor.

Will Johnny live to see 2017?

Cut your loses Johnny. Your kids need their father back.


In the last 12 hours on an old post here, by people telling me there is no longer a place to read about Jamber. The blog author closed shop. Can’t say I blame the author, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are ridiculous. He’s going to kill over at some point, and I’m confident Amber Turd will be just fine with that. I myself had no need to carry on due to the obvious end to this “marriage” There was other high school bullshit as well, but it’s unnecessary to go into that because those few people that caused such a stir on the forum, are fucking morons. Not worth the time – thus, I shut it all down.

You can see I don’t blame any other person that would close shop. Jamber’s stupidity makes most people roll their eyes.

I would be happy to give a post every so often in the old spirit of Jambernews. I love calling out  ignorance, and Amber Turd is a poster child for ignorance. So be it.

I’ll give a weekly post and you can choose to read or not.


Now You Sue?


Holywood stars Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard used a prominent Belfast lawyer in a legal action against a newspaper website.

Paul Tweed, of Johnson’s law firm, who has also represented stars including Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, acted for the couple.

The Mirror apologised to them for an article on its website on April 2015 which made “unfounded allegations and inferences”

relating to the state of their marriage.

A statement on the Mirror’s website last night read: “We fully accept that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were and remain happily married. “We apologise for having published any inferences to the contrary.”

Well well well. If this be true,  I couldn’t laugh harder. Why should they care if now 4 years later, 3 years into Jambernews, if part of the world thinks their marriage and relationship is a sham? If it’s real then no problems. NEVER COMPLAIN, NEVER EXPLAIN. Remember Johnny?

What happened to Amber stating in a magazine interview that she didn’t seem to care about blogs that didn’t like her? (at that time there were only two calling her out. PH, and Jambernews)

Guess that changed when other websites, blogs, and people in general started to feel the same way those two blogs did. Now, it’s a 180, and they are “shutting down” the bad talk about them.

For the love of fuck, just stop. You two are the most pathetic hollywood couple out there. It’s not just sad now, it’s ridiculous. A spoiled little girl with issues, and a fat out of control previous A list heart throb. Seriously get over it.

It’s more than amusing however to picture this. “They are being mean to me! Make them stop Daddy! Make them stop Johnny!” -Veruca Salt

No you arrogant, obnoxious, difficult cow. Lies run sprints and the truth runs marathons. It took 4 years but guess what?

A Lie (your “relationship”) Can Travel Halfway Around the World While the Truth Is Putting On Its Shoes.  At some point the truth gets ahead.

Think Outside The Box


I  have said many times, to think outside the box. Don’t swallow everything the media tells you. Look deeper. Sometimes I think it’s necessary to just get rid of the box period.  When nothing is sure, everything is possible. 

The past three years we’ve seen numerous, I mean many things that have not sat right with people. As time went on even more people began to see that Johnny Depp, and Amber Heard were an odd pairing. Nothing wrong with that, many odd couples can be great for each other. What has stayed true are the other facts, and things surrounding the couple. The obvious unhappiness Johnny Depp has displayed. Body language around Amber, expressions, they all say something much different than a happy man.

A man doesn’t make snide remarks in a “funny” way about his significant other, and try to pass it off as just playing around. (Johnny Depp Mortdecai premier Japan)

Johnny has always had an issue with alcohol. Now, it’s very open, and from everything seen, worse. We don’t know if there are other demons at play too.

Amber Heard …there’s not much to repeat, she pretty much crucifies herself any time she opens her mouth.

No one will ever know why he’s went down this road when he has never seemed to be happy around Amber Heard. He becomes a totally different persona when he is with his friends. Happier. More alive.

Never have we seen a truly happy couple together.

I still stand by my feelings; the relationship will falter. They are not in love. They may indeed have an open relationship. Why they are together is anyone’s guess, but it isn’t love.

We (members and readers of Jambernews) have had a great time, and we’ve formed a group of people, and friends. In doing that, we’ve  dissected various particulars, and it’s been eye opening.  Now we see throughout the world wide web on various popular websites, the commenters being very aware this relationship has something that just isn’t right about it.

At this time, the box has been discarded, the insights, and curiosities have been picked.  There isn’t much more to say, and the archives here are full of why. They are filled with thought provoking posts.

Great members, readers, and friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. This has been one incredible fucking ride. My hope is that you don’t forget all the things discovered, and all the great interactions.  Who knows, in time we may convene again, but for now when everything has been said, it’s best to leave it that way.




Hollywood Vampires


Tickets go on sale Friday (Aug. 14) via Ticketfly.

Next up, the band has announced one other live date — a Sept. 24 performance at Brazil’s Rock in Rio festival.

Hollywood Vampires’ self-titled debut album is set for release Sept. 11. Aside from the core members, it features collaborations from Paul McCartney, Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, and even a spoken-word intro from the late Christopher Lee.

And in case you’re wondering what he did around all the rock stars, Depp contributed guitar and background vocals to the LP.

In addition to some originals, the band plans to cover some standards from the original Hollywood Vampires, like the Who’s “My Generation” and the Doors’ “Break on Through.”


Wonder if they’ve figured out that Chupa is the evil form of the romantic vampire? She is sucking the life, energy, money, and sanity out of anyone she can.

Money, Copying and Bullshit

Lots of rumors as of late. Amber is accessing Johnny’s bank accounts = BOGUS. No way does she have control or a way to gain control over those.

Copying= Lots of photos surfacing of Amber dressing like Johnny. TRUE. She tends to steal and copy and take thing from everyone around her.

Fighting = this one was released several times. Johnny and Amber fight a lot. She was banned from the set of POTC 5  – Probably true. This one pops up often and has info and tidbits from people around the set etc. Not a surprise really. It’s readable on both of them without the rumors being printed.

Lily Rose doesn’t like Amber = probably true. she wasn’t at the wedding, and she hasn’t been seen around her father in months. She hangs with her Mother, Vanessa, quite a bit. No secret folks. She tolerates Chupa, that’s it.