New Years Eve Wedding??

Oh boy oh boy! Break out the popcorn and drinks! No wait. Let’s celebrate with elegance and good taste. Let’s celebrate with crab tacos, and tuna tostadas! Don’t forget cake balls for our over the top, expensive dessert. Nothing says you went all out like those delicacies!

If this rumor is true, it means Depp likes to marry in December. (first wife was close to Christmas too)  It must feel nice for Amber. She too will get to marry Depp in December. I think the majority of women would want a date a bit different than their fiancés first hitch month. then again,maybe she doesn’t care as long as the deal is sealed on paper. After all, until marriage happens she’s stuck with nothing if they break up. Let’s hope he pushes the pre nup, because as I’ve stated this relationship is already doomed, marriage mistake, or not. No reason to compound that error with selling not only your soul, but your net worth as well.

I’m sure it will be a classy affair if it’s anything like the engagement party.

The List

Amber’s Christmas List

1. A light up razor scooter

2.Saige,The American girl doll

Fun facts about Saige from the AG website!

Where she lives: Albuquerque, New Mexico, the hot air balloon capital of the world

Also the vaginal-painting capital of the world!

Best friends: Tessa, a musician; and the new girl, Gabi, who knows how to train animals

And Harmony, who died.

Fun fact: She can draw horses that really look like horses

3. A bead kit

4. Monster High ear buds

5. Batteries

6. A big fat bank account and small feet. Please don’t mix them up like last year.

7. Another ring.

8. Facial feminization surgery. A guide for the transgendered woman. (click)

Holiday Party #DeppSighting

Johnny attended a holiday event. Looking at the instagram, a Dr. Kipper was in attendance.  You can readore on the doctor and how it may have a link to Johnny here. CLICK    Dr Kipper is an addiction Dr.

EDIT : party may have been t the Dr.’s home.Please tell me that isn’t true,because Johnny looks trashed. Addiction Dr, not remove alcohol from the party?  LMAO


Recent Photo of Amber and Johnny?

Just submitted. No credit is being given to the owner of the photo, anywhere online. Just a bunch of depp sites saying its recent. Owner needs to state when it was taken. No proof its recent. Lame the depp sites won’t credit the owner.  We could verify the date taken. Recent or not.

pssstt Johnny, TRY to look happy.